Sears has Lay Away!

lol... sorry, I just wanted a REALLY random title and that seemed to do it. :) It's been 2 days since my last blog... I AM SO SORRY! I know you must all be going through wicked withdrawals!!! I know, I know... I'm a selfish person, I didn't even think about my readers as I went on with my life over these past few days... but I hope you all will forgive me, and we can start anew... :)

I voted on Tuesday... Obama won... don't blame me, I voted Petrelli (I'M JOKING PEOPLE). But congratulations to the democrats, and Mr. Obama. :)

I had jury duty yesterday... interesting experience... I TOOK NOTES THOUGH, GO ME!!!

  • Call was at 10 am. (Yes, I'm a theater geek and use terms like "call," get over it. :P)
  • 9:55am I arrived at the courthouse and stood in line for 12 minutes... in the cold... without a jacket cuz I couldn't find my hoodie... lame. We went through the medal detectors, and I was a LOSER and left my iPod cord in my bag... they didn't like that. Apparently, iPod cords are....dangerous?? I wasn't told WHY it was a problem that I have it, just that the guy looked at it and said "yeah, that could... mmhmm." Then he asked me to return it to my car. First off, I didn't have a car present... secondly... um... I was NOT going through that line again. I wanted to get into a warm room, not stand in the cold again! lol. So I just told him I didn't have a car, and he begrudgedly (WORD OF THE DAY!) let me go through, just told me (rather rudely, I might add) to not take it out of my bag. While this guy was being rude to me and paranoid about my evil iPod cord, he forgot to tell me where to go... which was fine, I just followed the other confused people with Jury slips upstairs to the Jury room... it was SO full, there were no chairs... the lady scanned my thing and I went waaaaaaaaaay into the back, in the break room, and finally found a chair, and started reading.
  • 10:10am a strange alarm went off... it sounded like a fire alarm, but no one seemed to react to it, and the guards just stood there, so I stayed put, and continued to read.
  • 10:20am some woman came onto the intercom and gave us orientation. A couple of us laughed at what she said... some things were funny, some were just absurd... all of it was fairly obvious. BUT, I had been reading a rather dull part in my book so, despite the fact that Annmaria Bolyn's bottomless pit of wickedness always fascinates me, the break was welcome. (I did, however, make a mental note - I don't think SUMMONSES is a word... but I could be wrong)
  • 10:36am Judge Ash came on the intercom and swore us all in... all 200 of us. YES, there were TWO HUNDRED of us. She told us it was a murder case, and should only last from the 13th - 21st of November... which works out perfectly for me. I won't say anything more, because I don't know what I'm allowed to say, and what I'm not allowed to say, and I'd like to not go to jail. lol.
  • 10:50am we recieved our questionnaires, and began to fill them out. I was amazed by the thickness of the packet, and some of the questions were VERY confusing... about half way through filling this sucker out, the alarm went off again. I change my mind - I think it sounded more like a storm trooper's blaster than a fire alarm.
  • 11:40am I finished my questionnaire. YES - it took me almost an hour. I think things out... and elaborate a lot... goes hand in hand with being overly annalytical and open minded. Not to mention, that sucker was looooooooong. I'm pretty sure I answered a lot of the same question. Come on, now, let's proof read these before handing them out, it makes all of our lives easier... lol. I turned it in, and they asked me to come back on the 13th. We were ALL asked back. Nice. *sigh* So I'm not done. Bummer.
  • 11:54am I was outside... nothing REALLY big, just something that made me laugh - I was standing next to this little girl and her grandma. They spoke spanish... I could understand most of what they said, but not all. Everytime the wind blew, the grandma would wrap the little girl up in her coat and go "ai ai ai frio frio frio!" to which the little girl would reply "ai ai!!" It was adorable.
I'm feeling a lot better... still a TAD yucky, but nothing I can't deal with. I still felt gross Tuesday and a bit on Wednesdya, but today I feel better. I think that getting out and doing stuff really helped... and being told I was "super cute" on more than one occasion on Wednesday really helped. :P 50% of all illnesses are mental... :)

You all ARE still getting your Max Payne review, I PROMISE you that... I've been doing research, and I saw something on ShowTime that made me smile - it was a "behind the scenes: Making the Movie" featurette (I always feel special saying that word..., and it showed how they used as much real stuff, as opposed to CGI, as they could. The fact that they shyd away from CGI for a movie like Max Payne makes me smile... I seriously don't think this movie is going to be as bad as everyone says it is. IT'S COMING, I PROMISE... say hi to your mother for me. :)

Last blog post I let you all know that I had been Knighted - I have to admit, Jordan Knight grew into his looks... and his fans are persistant. I didn't stand a chance... but... shortly after that, I saw a music video... not him with the New Kids, but by himself... honestly... WOW. HE CAN DANCE. I'm not going to lie to you, dancing is a huge weakness for me... why do you think I'm so in love with Zac Efron??? lol. So... I'm pretty much in LOVE with Jordan Knight right now... just a heads up... still LOVE Donnie, he'll always be the most important to me, but... Jordan... wow... the dancing sold it, but I also noticed in the music video that he learned how to handle himself better - well, less cheesy...ish - in front of a camera. Don't take my word for it - compare his performance in the "Never Let You Go" music video, to that in the "Give It To You" music video... he's much more sexy, and less cheesy, in GITY. Yeah... I'm twitterpated right now... lol! The best part was, when I told my friend Casey... the convo went like this:

ME: ....I'm in loooooooooove
CASEY: Jordan?
CASEY: I knew it.

She was the one who was really pushing for me to ditch my Donnie avatar (which will NEVER HAPPEN, CASEY), and she told me from the beginning she was gonna convert me. haha. CURSE YOU FOR BEING AN AMAZING DANCER, JORDAN!!

I've also recently decided that all Olympic swimmers should have a blogger account, and let all of us read it... I've been following Garrett Weber-Gale's blog, and it really supplies a completely different aspect and love to not only olympic swimming, but the people who participate in it. To me, it shows a lot about Garrett's character that he's willing to take the time to give us all a glimpse into his life. And I love reading it! All swimmers should do this! And, Garrett's pretty awesome, he replies to comments left on his blog, as well. :P If you guys haven't checked it out yet, you should! And, Garrett, IF you're reading this - thanks for everything! Keep it up, and I'll keep reading!! (And I really am working on leaving you shorter comments! lol)

I was planning on giving you all a music review as well - a few days ago I told you all about a Canadian band called Down Here... I gave their album a more thourough listening and decided... I really, REALLY like them. I wanted to give you a review, but everytime I think about what to say, this is what my brain produces:

"Check out the new album from Down Here! It's seriously jflkdasjflkdsmclkanlwjafjaslkjclhneoiwagjkdsajfklda!!!" Because there are NO words that describe how great that album is... JUST LISTEN TO IT. :)

The last thing I want to say is directed at all my Merced based readers:

There's a hot dog place on the corner of N and 16th called "The Dog House." Used to be a mexican place, but now it's a hot dog place... and it's SO good. It's a cute little place - there's this great statue out front of a hot dog putting ketchup on his head that just SCREAMS photo op. The whole restaurant is Nascar themed, there's Nascar stuff EVERYWHERE... and the BEST thing is this sign inside that says:

"Practice safe lunch - use CONDIMENTS!"

and the guy on it looks like the man from the Enzyte commercials... it was worth a good laugh. :)

So, if you like hot dogs - and who DOESN'T?? They've got a cool shape, and they're full of fiber - then check the place out. It's REAL good, and the people that work there are real nice. :)

That's about all - keep sending stuff! :) That blog is comin, too!

Get ya mind right.



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