We made history! (And a New Kids wallpaper!)

First things first!! I made a couple New Kids wallpapers... The one above is on my desktop, the other one is simply another version of the same pictures with different effects. I was soooo bored, and wanted to see how many pictures I had. It's mostly Donnie, Joey, and Jordan... but there IS some Danny and Jon in there, promise. lol. This is why I love Picasa... you just throw everything in there and it organizes it for you... SO cool!

I can't get the other wallpaper to post because it HATES me... today is NOT a good blog day. *sigh* I promise, my next blog will have links, and substance... I really am sorry for how LAME this blog is. Please don't stop reading because of it.

Also - we've finally made history!!! For the first time, in the history of America, we have a Chief of Staff with only 9 fingers!!! THAT'S RIGHT - Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff elect, only has 9 fingers. He's missing his left middle finger... how awesome, huh?? I heard we made history some other way, too... but I can never remember what that was for... :P For the first time in forever, I really don't have a lot to talk about... how lame is that??

Only a few more weeks until I go on vacation - should be going to Nevada, then New Mexico... that'll make for a GREAT blog, and plenty of pictures as well! :P

Man, I'm lame today... but at least you guys get SOMETHING, right? yay. Ha, I'm really REALLY disappointed at how lame this blog post is. I could have sworn I had much more to talk about!! Honestly, you guys, I would NOT have started this blog if I knew I was going to be lame as all git out.

*twiddles thumbs*

There's gotta be SOMETHING I can talk about....

*twiddles thumbs some more*

I feel like I should say this... how awesome are the words to "Stay the Same?" Joey Mac gets a gold star for that song... I feel special when I hear it - I wanna cry.... it's such a self esteem boost - Ana, I can see why you love Joey so much... outside of his looks. :)

The song is on my playlist, over there
Enter text should listen to it if you haven't already. It's a great song. This blog still sucks...

Well, craptastic. This sucks. PIC SPAM! YAY!


I'm so sorry that this post sucks... I'll make up for it later.

Went to dinner tonight, so you'd think I'd have more to talk about. But, I don't... I'll talk about it tomorrow.

Get ya mind right.


New Kids on the Block (Donnie)
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