And the World Keeps Turning...

So... updates from yesterdays post -

First things first... I know you all are simply DYING to know how the Fantasy Football match up went... I let you all know that I needed to score 9 points between the two... and Santana Moss brought 1 point to the table. 1 POINT, THAT'S IT!! And Clinton Portis only pulled in 9... THAT'S RIGHT! 9!!!!!! I WON MY MATCH UP BY TWO POINTS! WAHOO!!!!! I am now 6-2 with a 2 win streak, YES!!

Also, I was able to fix my NKTV problem, and the most recent episode is hilarious!! Like everyone told me, it is about Donnie... it's adorbs. Apparently, people have been spreading rumours around the internet that FACE TIME isn't real!!! So, he made a little video to prove that face time was real - he was at a waffle house with some fans at 3 am... the vid is hilarious, AND it looks like Donnie is feelin' much better... but there hasn't been an official update about that, so don't take my word for it. :)

I, however, am not feeling better. I went from one type of illness to another, my stomach has been rollercoaster-ing ALL. DAY... I got my butt out of the house though, and went to class, and that helped a LOT. I think getting out and interacting with other people really helped work on how I've been feeling lately. I got rid of a lot of the stress that kind of RUSHED in after the show. :) We'll talk about more of that later. lol.

I think Cody Linly is going home on Dancing with the Stars, which makes me really sad... but I'm not gonna give up!! EVERY ONE!!! VOTE FOR CODY!!! ((unless you have your own person you wanna vote for)) Cody is stuck on team Cha Cha for the team dance... it's kind of good, because that gives them Lance and Tony, but it also gives them Erica and Lacey, whom I don't care for... plus, Cody is with Edita, and he's not very comfortable with her.

:( I want Julianne back... well wishes to Julianne as she recovers from her surgery!!!

Okay, so... we're doing a comedy show. It's extremely exciting because, after putting in a bit of input, I've been selected as one of the writers. :) I just finished my first skit today - and I must say it's not half bad. I won't spoil it by telling you what it's about, but it's called Bon (aSALT) a Petite.

Team Cha Cha just danced - I still don't think Cody is comfortable with Edita, but they did real well. Erica and Tony were "eh," and Lance and Lacey were absolutely PHENOMENAL. The judges are tearing them apart... I think Erica killed them, and their unison was WAY off. HA... she just said that too... lol. Alright, group score: Cary Ann: 6 Lynn: 7 Bruno: 7

That gives Cody a total tonight of: 42

I think Cody's goin' home... BUT I'M NOT GIVING UP!!! EVERY ONE VOTE!!!

Back to the skit - I'm still fleshing it out, but as far as writing it, it's basically finished... and I'm brainstorming a bunch of ideas so... here's to hoping I can at least make my mark as a writer, because I don't know if I can participate. :(

I apologize, I'm not linking anything in this post - I'm REALLY tired, and don't want to go digging for links... lol.

I'm gonna announce, though - I was never much of a Jordan Knight person. I felt he was talented, but he wasn't really "cute" in my book. I was more of a Joey/Donnie person...

But recently, I've been Knighted. I got into another pic war, and I resisted as long as I could... but then I got this little gem:

I couldn't say no... the other pictures really wore away at my "shield," but I think it's safe to say that some time along the way, Jordan Knight got really, REALLY, sexy... lol. I had to hand it to her, she absolutely converted me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Donnie... but now I also LOVE Jordan, and of course, Joey. :)

Team Pasa Doble just danced... and they WRECKED... and I mean that in the positive sense... >.<

Cary Anne: 10 Lynn: 9 Bruno: 10... SADNESS. :(

I don't know who I'm gonna watch if Cody goes home... please vote everyone! If you don't already have someone to vote for:

Cody Linly: CALL 1-800-868-3401 TEXT: VOTE to 3401 PLEASE!! I think Erica should go home... but Cody has less points then her!!!

I guess that's all I'll blog about today... except, my friend and I were talking and she reminded me of Twister, and this video... so I think everyone should watch it and leave comments!!

Also - BIIIIIIG SHOUT OUT TO TYNIECE FOR DOING SOMETHING THAT TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!!!! And, judging by how that could or couldn't turn out, tomorrow may be the best day EVER. haha...

So, I'm gonna head out. No Jury Summons tomorrow but voting SO GO VOTE TOMORROW VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Night everyone!!!

Get ya mind right.


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