The Spoils of Christmas

Don't you hate it when time just gets away from you? How frustrating!

Christmas came and went like dust on the wind and, other than a few water related mishaps, it went pretty well!

We still didn't have our tree, but that was fine because we planned on spending the day with our Aunt in Atwater... she had a tree, so it wasn't a treeless Christmas (could you imagine? The horror)! Everyone was up pretty late the night before, trying to get presents wrapped or being unable to sleep in beds because other people were trying to get presents wrapped... so we all slept in, and didn't really get over to my Aunt's place until about 2:30/3:00.

The gift exchange went well, also. Everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts... I got my brother a hoodie buddie which, if you don't know what those are, is a hoodie that has headphones sewn in. The draw strings for the hood are the earbuds and the plug in thing is in the pocket. He was pretty thrilled about it!

I got some pretty awesome stuff, too! I mentioned in an earlier post that my kids got me a Kindle for Christmas, and that it was pretty much the only thing I wanted this year... so I was pretty content with whatever I got. I ended up with some pretty awesome stuff as well! And my dad got Inception, so we watched that. My Aunt hadn't seen it yet.

We had a fairly good dinner (though I think the food at the Branding Iron the night before takes the proverbial cake) and finished the night out with pie and an iPhone swim (excited about the pie... the iPhone swim... not so much).

So, all in all, it was a good Christmas! I hope yours went just as well and, if you own an iPhone, I hope yours went better. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!! :)

The spoils of Christmas include:
1 Zombie shirt, 1 Smurf shirt, 1 Scarf/hat/glove combo
1 awesome necklace, 2 bottles of body mist, 1 deck of snow panda penguin playing cards
2 pairs of awesome earring, 1 pair of sweet knit slipper boots, and a partridge in a pear tree an Amazon Kindle!

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CJ said...

I really like the HoodieBuddie I bought. I pretty much always wear it.