2 Weeks is a Long Time...

On Fridays, Camden and I meet for coffee and discuss
the important things in life, like whether or not his Pull-Up
is dry, or if Ander needs more Cheerios...
So, it's officially Christmas break for me. Which is great! I have a lot to do... we've bought a new house, and we're moving slowly over there (haha it's even closer to the church than our current one... as if that were possible), and Christmas is coming up and everything. I'm still trying to keep with working out (and I'm doing a little bit on my own but after Christmas we will be cracking down) and I have a few more gifts that I still need to buy, and just a lot that has to get done... I feel like things won't be "normal" until after Christmas, which seemed to sneak up on me this year. It's on Saturday. What is that about?

Anyway, Sunday was my last day with my boys, and I felt so bad because I got sick halfway through the night and had to keep my distance from Cam. Which was fine, until we watched Toy Story 3 and he wanted to cuddle (which of course I eventually caved to... you try saying no to that face, knowing you won't see it regularly for 2 weeks). 2 weeks is not that long, just 14 days but it seems painfully long when you consider having seen the kids everyday for 3 weeks straight. And all of the families I work for are pretty much family, and time is always drawn out when you're away from family.

Ander and me on gift exchange day!
(Dec 16 2010)
The gift exchange went well, by the way. The kids seemed to love their gifts, and I know I loved mine!! Those stinkers got me a Kindle, which was pretty much my Christmas wishlist this year. So jazzed!! It is seriously one of my favorite pieces of technology recently. It's dangerous, because of what my dad calls "instant gratification" but what is for normal people the ability to buy books at the drop of a hat... and I love books I do. So I've had to stop myself from just going OO I WANT TO READ THAT and buying it right there. But it's also great because if I need to read I can just boop get a book. And the free books they have aren't bad! :D Plus, there's a way to link to Twitter/Facebook and share notes and stuff as you read... which I love because I adore discussing books I'm reading. It really is fantastic. I love actual books, but the Kindle is great when actual books aren't an option. Seriously, so jazzed about this! :)

I'm looking forward to this vacation, and Christmas, but at the same time I'm dreading it a bit. 2 weeks is a long time, which means I need to find things to occupy my time (hey Lauren, you could always finish your book quiet, muse) when I'm not cleaning/painting/moving/working out. Haha, yeah, I'd be hard-pressed to find some free time in that, too.

I already can't wait to get back to work, though.
Too many darling faces. I love them all.
(From L to R: Cam, Asher, and Bria)

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