What's YOUR Bottled Water's IQ?

I'm kind of a water snob... and by water snob, I don't mean I only drink the finest in H2O products. I mean I can't drink most water because - at least to me - water does have a taste.

I prefer tap water to anything... iced is best. It just has a cleaner, more refreshing taste. Bottled waters, especially Dasani and Fiji, all taste really... dirty. I can't put my finger on it... I know bottled waters are supposed to taste/are supposedly cleaner than tap water, but I just cannot get past the taste. It's gross. And anything that boast to be "natural spring water" (i.e. Ethos, FIJI, etc.) is the worst.

I have a problem believing something so gross - something fish swim and POOP in - can be healthier for you than the stuff you get at home.

Last summer I was able to deal with filtered water, though. That stuff does taste cleaner, and when it's iced, it's the best. But that was as far as I thought I was willing to go... until my friend Tiffany told me about Smart Water.

Smart Water is vapor distilled water, which basically means they filter it using a similar process as the clouds do and, as the bottle states, "it's a difference you can taste." About a month ago, I went to Mexico on a missions trip and as most people know, you can't drink the water in Mexico. That meant I was going to have to spend the week sipping bottled water, so I figured what the hey? I'll give Smart Water a try.

I'm really glad I did. I love the stuff! It is seriously the cleanest most refreshing water I have ever had! It doesn't even have to be cold!!! I could (and have) guzzle liters of the stuff in a single sitting. It's not only the cleanest water I've ever had, I'd go as far as to say it's delicious. It's seriously in a league of its own as far as bottled water... no, as far as water period goes. They also throw in some electrolytes*, just in case you "decide to hit the beach".

And it's not just the taste I love... it caters to a lot of my interests. I love the bottle design... it's not flashy or shaped funny like 90% of the other water brands out there. There are no ridges, no nifty shapes etched into the side. It isn't square, it isn't pear shaped. The bottle - like the water in it - is sleek and clean. Nothing flashy... but the logo is really nifty. It too is fairly sleek and clean. A large blue raindrop encompasses the word "smart" and "water" follows it in a skinnier blue font. On the other side of the bottle, the roles are reversed, with "water" (still in a skinnier font) is encompassed by the raindrop, and "smart" is in blue font. If you look on the inside, as well, you'll find some sea life. The two I've come across are the small fish (stating "spring water is for swimming, smart water is for drinking!") and the crab (stating "let's drink responsibly and recycle... don't be shellfish!"). It's nothing huge, but I find it insanely adorable and pleasing to the eye**.

The description of the water is also awesome! It is short, informative, and mildly sarcastic. Everything you want in a description! In fact, the sarcastic descriptions on Vitamin Water is part of what made me love that so much, too!*** All in all, I'm fairly addicted to the stuff. If you've never tried it, I suggest you do! It is well, WELL worth it!

To find out a bit more about smartwater, or to explore an interactive bottle, click here.

*If you don't know what electrolytes are, it's quite simple. Electrolytes are what plants crave.
**I'm also extremely easily amused, and I like how the fish is bigger when there's water in the bottle... don't judge me.
***I actually found out that the company that makes Smart Water - Glaceau - is also the company that makes Vitamin Water. Go figure. They're 2 for 2 right now... lol.

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