Hit the Ground Running...

Life's been BUSY BUSY BUSY. Oof. I feel like I've been pulling 36 hour days... and today I had to be up early on my one day off for Mexico training. It was, however, so totally worth it.

For those of you who don't know, the high school group at my church goes down to Mexico over spring break and does missions work for a couple of churches down there. And we aren't talking the fun parts of Mexico, either. The area we go to is covered in trash. This will be my second year going, and I honestly can't wait.

I've been helping here and there with the Mexico stuff, but Mexico Training is when it really hits that it's getting close... and it really is exciting! It was such a different experience this time, because I'm going down as a "vet", and I was able to - instead of being the one that listened to everyone talk about their experiences - reminisce with other people about things that happened last year. ("OH NO! It's the butterfly craft all over again!" "And then we were all like 'mariposa body! mariposa body!' cuz people were just leaving them lying around...")

It was fun being on the other side of things, and it was really fun sharing with others why I wanted to go back... which is, ultimately, to see the kids! It's amazing to me how close you can get to people in 5 days. I remember most of my kiddos' names, and I am dying to see how they're doing and what not... there's one little girl in particular I want to check up on...

Anyway, that's what I'll be planning for in the next month. And, with Drabble a Day coming to an end (Thank GOD) I'll hopefully have more time to focus on actually blogging.

Sorry about the lack of blogging going on here!! Life is incredibly hectic!!! XD

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