Who's gonna save ME?

A few days ago, thousands of disgruntled fans took to the keyboards in fury due to the untimely passing of Heroes, a tv show that had garnered quite the cult following since its premiere in July of 2006. Within hours scores of "Save Heroes!" rallying campaigns sprung up, urging fans to sign petitions, make paper cranes, send in waffles and syrup, and numerous other things to let NBC know we want our show back. Many fans are still mourning the show, but others have taken the news quite badly. One fan even took to youtube, making a rather foul video that says little to nothing other than "F*** YOU, NBC!"

I'll admit I'm rather saddened by the news as well. Heroes was a favorite of mine, and is one of the few television programs I watched rather religiously. I was a member of the Sarmy, have stayed up late for live blogs and interviews, and have even been spoken to by Cristine Rose and Jack Coleman. I have made countless videos, wrote Heroes based fanfics, and tuned in every single Monday night to catch the show. I was, to put it lightly, a fan.

But I have to say, the hatred is uncalled for. Yes, it really sucks that NBC cancelled Heroes, but I can't say I blame them. The show has been going downhill since the writers' strike cut S2 short. The writers tried, but in the end they had too many characters and didn't have the cajones to get rid of them. They were onto something good when they stripped Peter of his powers, but all in all, they just couldn't recover.

Time that could have been spent improving the storyline was instead spent focusing on 25 different characters, giving them each facetime and forcing the plot to inch along at a crippled snail's pace. A person could go 4 episodes without having anything actually happen. Beyond that, any conflict that arose could easily have been avoided had the characters - who were once extremely smart and crafty - used even the smallest parts of their brains.

In the end, the show needed to be shut down. It was given two whole seasons to get something done and it just didn't do it. Am I sad it's finished? Yes. Do I think it's unjustified? No. If we all sat down and really looked at the situation, we'd realize it's just a television program. It didn't usher in the era of television, and its demise certainly doesn't mean the end of primetime viewing, by any means. I raise my proverbial drink to Heroes, and will miss it dearly. But life goes on... and I've still got good ole Doctor Who to keep me company.

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Zik said...

I agree.

Jolls said...

And who knows! Maybe one day, a few good years down the line, somebody will reboot Heroes... take the sad show and make it better, y'know? Wishful thinking, heh. I raise my glass as well. To Heroes!

Lissa said...

I completely agree. It's sad, but definitely justified.

And anyway, I'm far more disturbed that NBC decided to reject David Tennant's pilot.