Reclaiming the Blog

I'm presently fairly excited. I'm in actual blogging mode... iTunes is on shuffle, I'm trying to lose myself in what I'm writing... I haven't been like this in a while. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that today I RECLAIM MY BLOG. ROHIRRIM! TO THE KI--whoa... got a little too excited.

That's right, folks. The 6 weeks are over. Did I lose a bajillion pounds? No. BUT, I did manage to flip around my eating habits. I feel better about myself, I feel healthier, I know I eat better, and exercising is easy. I've already accepted that I probably won't lose 100 pounds, but my main goal was achieving a better lifestyle - a HEALTHIER lifestyle - and I've achieved that.

It's easier to get back on track when I get discouraged. I've cut out a lot of things that are unhealthy for me. I don't crave sweets as much because really, all sweets offer is a taste that doesn't last long, and calories that do. I've been able to adjust my diet without giving up things that I love, and Protein is now my best friend... as are Omega3s.

My jeans are super baggy, and I genuinely feel better about myself. I guess that's all that really matters.

So, from this day forward, my blog is no longer going to solely focus on my weight/health... stuff. It's been fun, and it's helped me to kind of log my process, but the 6 weeks are done and it worked. Now, I won't completely get rid of the updates, they'll be sprinkled through out, but I honestly miss the old Limitless Ramblings... the one where I went all geekfest over a new video game or reviewed (in painstaking detail) a new movie or just ranted or raved about something.

It's time to resuscitate LR, especially since 1. I'm writing again and 2. 2009 is coming to a close... and I think that's the biggest thing. Now that 2009 is over and I've seen how much I've changed... how much I've further defined who I am... I just feel like I need to keep this puppy up.

It's funny, really, how one year can make you feel so grown up and at the same time make you feel like such a kid. One year. I guess it's true when they say a lot can happen in a year... I just didn't realize how much "a lot" was until just now. :)

So expect more of the old school Limitless Ramblings in the days to come, with a few new twists. :)

And, every once and a while, when I'm feeling lazy, I'll be posting over at Tumblr... because it makes me laugh oh so very much. :) When I deem it necessary, I will shuttle all of you over to Beyond the Entwash... but only when something is really worth your time and the Tumblr layout better suits it. :)

So, I'm gonna draw this entry to a close but first, I want to say a few things to a few people who really helped me through the 6 weeks.

Amy, Mary, and Kim: I am so super blessed to have you in my life, and that you trust me with your children... I am even more blessed to be able to call you friends! You all have been so encouraging and helpful, I don't know what I'd do without you! Thank you so much for everything!!

Nancy: I don't know if I ever told you, but it was very encouraging to hear that you were praying for me. I love talking with you, it's nice to know that there are still real people out there. :) Thank you for praying for me and being so open with me. It made me feel like I wasn't alone in this. :)

Melissa: Thank you for all your tips and encouragement! I'm really blessed to have such an awesome extended family, and I'm so glad I get to see you more regularly now. :D

Cassidy: You always seem to pop online when I'm feeling the most discouraged. :) Thank you for being so encouraging and doing this along side me!! We're gonna look awesome at your wedding! :) Can't wait to be able to "officially" call you my sister! Love ya, girl! Keep up the blogging!

Jordan: OMG... words do not describe how much of a savior you've been for me!!! Thank you for letting me rant about everything, and laughing with me about things that most people would think were absolutely ridiculous. When John Cho, Anton Yelchin, and I go on our best friend adventures (which will be so much more epic than anything Harold and Kumar have ever done), you are most certainly allowed to come along! You don't even have to ask, because no adventure would be nearly as epic if Jolls didn't come along... cuz you're a GQMF!!! COMIC CON 2010, BABY!! BE THERE! :D

Really, I am so thankful and blessed to have all of you! Thank you so much for everything!

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