Find Yourself Part 2

"Find Yourself"
(An in-depth look at the characters of When All Is Said & Done)


NAME: Jordan Williams
AGE: 21
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown

BIOGRAPHY: Jordan Williams was born on December 1, 1988 in San Francisco, California. She and her brother Aaron are some of San Francisco's "meteor children" (children born 9 months after the meteor shower in '88).

Even as a child, Jordan displayed a love for the outdoors. Even on rainy days, she could be found outside. As she grew older, she began to frequent Golden Gate Park, falling in love with the trees and wildlife. She began to yearn for a house somewhere, surrounded with wilderness. Unfortunately, no one in her family felt the same, and she was stuck in San Francisco.

Still, she made the best of it. Slightly more intelligent than her brother, Jordan excelled in school and by the time she reached high school had a high enough GPA to get into the Drew College Preparatory School, where she met and befriended Vivian Ballard. Vivian and Jordan found they had a few things in common, and that knowledge helped to soften the urge to move away.

After graduating Drew and getting accepted to USF, Jordan found a job at the Pacific Primary School, where she worked with the kids as an aid. She quickly found that she loved working with children; their innocent knowledge of the world around them fascinated her, and she found in them an escape from the lack of wilderness in the city.

Her freshman year at USF, Jordan met Stephanie Miller - an 18 year old Philosophy major - and the two quickly became friends. By their Sophomore year, Jordan was old enough to live on campus and thus the two became roomates. Their senior year, when Vivian was old enough to live on campus, she joined their crew as well.

NAME: Aaron Williams
AGE: 21
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown

BIOGRAPHY: Aaron was born on December 1, 1988 in San Francisco, CA. He and his sister Jordan are some of San Francisco's "meteor children" (children born 9 months after the meteor shower in '88).

Aaron was the very definition of the perfect child. Though his sister surpassed him in intellect, he was far more well behaved. His temper was even, he never disappeared and worried his mother, and never received anything lower than an A. He showed an interest in music early in his life, and took to it with the same devotion he applied to everything else. By the time he hit junior high, he was composing symphonies, writing songs, and could play any instrument he picked up. What really defined Aaron, however, was his voice. Anyone who heard him sing was almost hypnotized by the sound.

Though his GPA was high enough to get him into Drew, Aaron opted to instead attend a public school, and ended up at Urban... a choice that paid off in his senior year when he met Eric Baker.

It had been Aaron's dream for a while to start a band, but the design had to be perfect. He was inspired by bands like Queen and Muse, and wanted to put together something mainstream and modern, but something that could utilize symphonies and orchestral arrangements. Because of this, he was unable to find anyone that seemed to fit what he needed.

And then he heard of Eric. Word around Urban was that the Australian-born freshman posessed almost savant-like skills when it came to music, and that he composed and wrote his own music. This intrigued Aaron, so he met up with him and was thrilled when he agreed to audition. His audition was almost unnecessary; Aaron liked the kid, and upon hearing him play, was sold. The two worked well together, as well, and wrote a good number of songs and symphonies.

Still, he needed to complete his band. His freshman year at USF, he met 18 year old Travis Gill and 19 year old Julian Andersen. Both had interest in music, and both had what he was looking for talent wise. With a new bassist and drummer, the band was complete. The audience at their first gig ate them up, and by their second gig, they had gained more momentum than they had hoped to gain in a year.

Aaron's one and only flaw was women. As the lead singer/keyboardist of an ever more popular band, women were bursting at the seams to be with him, and he was more than happy to oblige them. His sister and he often got into fights about his promiscuity, but there was no stopping him (there was even a rumor his junior year of college that his interest in Eric was based on more than his musical talent, a rumor Aaron neither confirmed nor denied). It didn't help that Eric loathed the attention of the groupies, and directed them all to him and Travis.

Despite this, Aaron was still an exceptional student, thus was still viewed as the more perfect of the two twins, a fact that never ceased to irritate Jordan.

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