When All Is Said & Done - Summary

"When I close my eyes, I feel like they open somewhere else."

For months now, Vivian Ballard has been having strange dreams. Dreams that tell of Olympus, and Hera's plot to take it over. Each night, the dreams grow more intense, more detailed, as Hera's plan to banish the other gods unravels. Each morning, Vivian wakes up more and more exhausted, as if she hadn't slept at all. Attributing it to stress, Vivian did her best to ignore the dreams, turning to caffeine to get her through her classes. For a while, it seemed to work.

Since the meteor shower of '88, strange things have been happening all over the world. Women conceiving when they were deemed unable, clinically dead people suddenly becoming healed. Fatal car accidents that leave all involved uninjured, people living well into their 100's, terminally ill individuals refusing to kick the can. Snow in the summer in San Francisco, blistering heat waves during winter in Russia... all explained away by global warming...

But, as events in her dreams begin to coincide with everything that's been happening, she starts to wonder if maybe they aren't dreams at all... if maybe there's more to these "visions".

Vivian's seemingly perfect life is now riddled with questions: What's the real reason behind the strange events? Are they in fact connected with her dreams? And if so... what does she do now?

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