"NaNoWriM" (or All NaNo's Eve)

This is it. At midnight tonight, I will officially be allowed to write my story.


To keep up to par, I either need to write 400 words an hour for 5 hours a day (to finish on the 25th), or 2,000 words a day.


1,667 words a day to finish on the 30th.

It really doesn't seem bad, once it's broken down like that. It's just being disciplined enough to do it.

And I'd like to think I'm disciplined enough. I've done so much research, too.

However, there is still a ton more to do. That's what I'll be doing tonight, most likely. If I finish early, I'll probably watch a movie or something, but for the most part I am doing research.

And I'll be writing. I have a few more character profiles that need to be done (they won't be quite as detailed as Eric and Vivian's, but they do need to be done), as well as figuring out a few more key plot elements and then finally, figuring out how the story will start.

At midnight, a teaser summary of my story will be posted. Keep an eye out. :)

Tomorrow, I start writing.

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