Of Calories and Aliens...

Look! ANOTHER FUNNY VIDEO TO DISTRACT YOU FROM THE FACT THAT I'M not going to the gym again tonight... meep.

But I've been eating fairly well... I haven't tracked my calories today, because... because... well...

choose the best excuse you can think of...

My excuse is better than what you just chose... I'm not voicing it because I don't want you and your lame excuse to feel inferior. I'm a nice chap like that.

I walked today... so that's good. I also bought a bunch of healthy stuff and blah blah blah.

I really don't feel like blogging today... mostly because I am ASHAMED of the review I gave you all of District 9... it was horrible. After the reviews I've written for Left4Dead 1&2, Harper's Island, See this Movie, Star Trek, Bottleshock, Watchmen, and countless others, my District 9 review was absolute garbage. GARBAGE.

And I blame that on the fact that I still know nothing about this movie. Seriously. I went and saw it knowing nothing, because people were like IT'S AMAZING. And I agree. It was beautiful. It ripped tears out of my soul. I felt for the characters, I was involved with the movie. I loved it.

But I know nothing about it... until about half an hour ago, when I realized it was based on a short film by Neill Blomkamp called Alive in Joburg. I loved that movie... and now I know a bit more about District 9... but because it was Chris and Matt that informed me about the connection, I will give THEIR review a shout out. Honestly, I feel about the same as the one that saw the movie, Matt. He was able to peg my feelings about the movie better than I can... haha... I was a little more emotionally effected, but he points out a few interesting historical connections as well. Watch the language... sorry. XD So, here's the shoutout to the boys over at!

I'm also saddened that my two small teeny tiny paragraphs just now were better than that garbage I posted a few days ago.

Alright, off to log calories! WEEEEEEE!

(Is resisting the urge to end another blog with ROHIRRIM! TO THE KING!... careful, I may have a new mantra)

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