I Watched the Watchmen...

...and I'm glad I wasn't really hyped to see it. I'm still trying to figure out if I liked it, or if I didn't like it... but right now, this is the vibe I'm getting.

The movie was good... for any fan of the graphic novel, it was exactly what one would expect, save for the ending. It was the comic book, acted out... some things were elaborated on, which were good and bad.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that thought the sex scenes were too much. I won't even sugar coat that... not a bit much, not kind of unnecessary... too much and COMPLETELY unnecessary. Showing those scenes added nothing to the movie, and took a lot away, in my opinion. It was all one could do to laugh and try to pretend it wasn't as uncomfortable as hell. I was lucky enough to miss the first one, but the second one was ridiculous. The graphic novel didn't even show that much, just eluded to it, and I think the movie would have done well to do the same.

The Comedian's death was done well, and props to Jeffrey Dean Morgan for portraying the character in such an amazing light... I was finally able to figure out why I loved the character so much. Despite his flaws, despite his views, despite his screwed up way of thinking... he got it. He was one of the only ones that got it. Save humanity from themselves. His persona really was everything that was wrong with the world, and that was the big joke - everyone hated him, but all he was doing was mirroring the heart of society... the true colors of the people around him. What they really hated was themselves... I love that. He was the very definition of "There's a problem with the world, and the problem with the world is me." Something about seeing him carried out - seeing the character translated to film rather than paper - made it easier to understand what he was about, and why he appealed to me so. He remains my favorite character of the novel. You can hate him all you want, but he was right. He was always right, to the day he died.

Laurie Jupiter's character was done well, too... I hated her just as much in the movie as I did in the novel. Daniel was given a few tweaks, and I actually liked them, save for the aforementioned elaborated sex scenes. Then, there's Rorschach.

He was simply amazing. Every scene he was in, you had to pay attention, you couldn't pull your eyes away. Every. Single. Scene. His character was one that translated VERY well to film... what you understood about him in the novel you understood when he became, essentially, real. The film cut out scenes were we learn the origin of his mask... certain interrogation scenes, yadda yadda, but for the most part, Rorschach remained in tact, and remained amazing. Justice was all that mattered... peace attained by genocide was unacceptable. When he met his end, I cried. I knew it was coming, and it broke my heart because, in a movie that was essentially about heroes, he was the only one that truly was one. I cried just like I did reading the novel. As much as I understand, as much as I get it, I will never be okay with his demise... he was just too awesome.

Dr. Manhattan was done well, too... but there were parts of Doc that we didn't need to see... really. Thanks, but no thanks. I also didn't like how he looked... I realize the movie isn't real but he just didn't blend. He didn't fit. But for the most part, he was handled well. The actor that played Jon did a good job, though I was disappointed that parts of his story were changed or left out, too.

I realize things need to be cut and changed... but I guess I just don't like that some of the things they did show they didn't need to, and some of the things they cut should have been there... I feel we lost a lot of interesting scenes due to ones that weren't necessary.

Like I said, the movie was handled very well. It was like watching the graphic novel... almost word for word dialogue. Beautiful shots and wonderful novel-to-screen translations. All the actors did a great job and the music was used very well, too. The pace was a little slow, but that matches well with the novel, so anyone who read it was probably following right along.

The ending, however, did not convince me. For starters, I don't see why they couldn't keep it the way it was. It would not have been that hard to create the alien... it would have been perfectly easy to cut the sex scenes short and give us the story of the missing artist... at least elude to it. Afraid the alien wouldn't look realistic enough? Look at Dr. Manhattan... that couldn't have been the problem.

The ending they used didn't make sense to me. I don't see how it would unite the world and make them back down. The idea is supposed to be that Dr. Manhattan is now this loose canon that will attack whomever decides to start up World War 3 again... but COME ON, PEOPLE. They were planning on using NUKES! Nuclear war fare usually results in massive destruction to everyone involved... theoretically... so I don't think the threat of being attacked would make anyone back down. I don't see how it would unite anyone... basically, Viedt is saying, if you threaten to destroy yourselves, we're going to destroy you.

Whereas, with the alien, there really was a common enemy, something they COULD defeat, something NOT employed by the US Government.

The other thing that bothered me was the fact that if you didn't read the novel, you would probably be lost. They cut the wrong things in my opinion.

It WAS a good movie... I was pleased for the most part. I'll probably end up liking it, probably see it again... most likely buy it on DVD. There were a lot of little things I caught that I most certainly enjoyed... Rorschach's delivery of my favorite line in the whole thing left me with a smile on my face, and little things here and there were beautifully scattered in... things only a reader of the novel would have caught. To date, it's the best film adaptation of a comic book I've seen... but it had it's areas it was lacking.

So - here's my recommendation:

Reader's of the novel:

If you don't mind the changed ending, if you don't mind not seeing some of your favorite parts, then watch it. You'll love it. It really was handled well. (Mars was fantastic!) Just brace yourself for awkward sex scenes, and be ready to know Doc Manhattan well... REALLY well.


If you don't mind being confused, don't mind the awkward sex scenes, and just want to watch an interesting story, check it out. It's a bit slow to start, but it's none the less good. It's an interesting ride.

I realize this review isn't going to make me a lot of friends so, since I'm not eager to get the reaction I got for not liking the Dark Knight (because God forbid someone have a negative opinion about that movie), I'm not going to tag anyone in this note, except those that have requested tag-ness. That doesn't mean I'm not open to opinions and feedback - I haven't written anything in a while, so this is kind of me pushing myself back into the blogging world. If you want to say something, say it. :) Just be sure that that "something" isn't "you're a frakking idiot for not wanting to have this movie's babies!" Oh, and... say hi to your mother for me! Thank you. :)


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C. Louis Wolfe said...

Nice review (& blog). For the most part I agree about the sex scenes. I also think the violence was a bit over the top. I believe they were trying to push the envelope & perhaps the audiences' buttons as well. I preferred the 1st half to the second. The film was a bit long winded, but I understand they were trying to get the whole story in, much like Dark Knight.

I'll admit not to having finished the graphic novel. I suppose I should revisit it. I just picked up the dvd "motion comic". That might make it easier to get through- kinda lazy. ;^)