I envy my dog...

I have a dog that weighs 110 lbs. He lies around the house all day, except for when he has to go to the bathroom, and he weighs less than me. What is that all about?

I think it actually has something to do with the fact that he prefers water over food. I wish I was like that. I wish I could choose water over food... it would really help me. Whenever I'm hungry between meals, I'll just drink water.

Sadly, I am not there yet. I did, however, have a good day food wise, consuming only half of a cheese quesadilla (made on a wheat tortilla, and utilizing very little butter) and a salad with italian dressing (it's my belief that, the clearer the dressing, the more healthy it is) for lunch, and a ton of ceasar salad, some carrots, and two pieces of pizza for dinner, as well as a TON of water, and a 100 calorie fudge pop. I may have had a few chips, too... and by a few, I literally mean a few.

The quesadilla was surprisingly delicious and, coupled with the salad, very filling. And I'm not kidding, I used very little butter. I'm glad the wheat tortillas are so flavorful, because I was worried the negating of the butter would mean I was negating the flavor. Not so... it was VERY delicious.

The pizza I had was tasty, as well. One slice hawaiian (because it's my weakness pizza wise) and one slice veggie.

So - did I fail epically today? I don't think so... in fact, I think my food intake was quite understandable, and I ate dinner around 6-ish. Sure, I skipped breakfast, but that was because I slept in until 11:11 today... and believe me, I needed it. I'm trying to do away with naps... a battle that I'm pretty sure I'll lose.

Exercise today has yet to take off. I'm heading to the gym in a few, to do a lower body workout and some cardio... but I walked to work, so that got me up and moving.

I love my job... that's actually partly why I want to get healthy. I work with children, so getting sick would take me out of work. Can't work around kiddos when you're germy. And I miss the kids enough already on weekends, I don't want to be out too much from work.

By the way, I figure since I'm putting all of this out there, I might as well post my starting weight and what not. It will be on the right side of my blog >>> in the comment box... (feel free to leave your own comments there, as well).

Tomorrow I will update on my strength training, including both lower body and upper body improvements in one post.

One day down, 425 to go. Or 424... dang. I really don't know how to count...

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