"I could write a blog... I have thoughts."

Just got back from seeing "Julie & Julia," and wowee bozowee! That was SUCH a good movie! And I mean, seriously good! I recommend it to everyone, especially bloggers.

I say this because I feel like I was pulled more into the movie because I have a blog. Furthermore, I have a blog that nobody reads.

Well, okay... I wouldn't say nobody, but very few people do read my blog. And that's not a problem... but at the same time, I do feel very much like Julie Powell... like I'm writing up my thoughts and then ejecting them into a vast nothingness.

More importantly, I feel like I'm spending time typing up all these thoughts for no reason what so ever... I mean, the last time I got a comment on this thing was... forever ago... (though, that's not entirely fair, because I do get comments every once and a while on facebook) and I feel like putting your thoughts out there is supposed to do something amazing. Change someone's life, change the world, make a difference... blah blah blah. If not, they're just the ramblings of someone who is totally self absorbed and loves to hear the sound of her own type (*rimshot*).

I'd like to think I'm not self absorbed... yet, I still continue this blog. And to be honest, I thought about abandoning it. Just... stopping. However, I feel now that I should continue. I am 100% inspired by Julie's story, how she set a goal for herself and stuck to it, swearing to blog about it no matter what. The good, the bad, the ugly... all of it. And now she will forever have this journal, this first hand, day by day account of one of the most amazing experiences of her life. That is sooooo awesome!

I've had this blog for almost a year, and it hasn't gone anywhere... so I'm going to try and make it go somewhere.

Julie's challenge was to cook her way through Julia Child's cook book. 365 days, 524 recipes. As I was watching the movie, I kept thinking, "I need to do that. I need to have a deadline, I need to have a deranged assignment, I need to have some sort of underlying point that I can talk about with ease." As the movie continued, I realized,

I already have one.

I've been shaping my blog and getting ready for it for about two weeks, without realizing it. Julie Powell simply made me see what my blog should be about. So - in honor of Mrs. Powell, I am officially embarking on my own assignment, with my own deadline.

The Challenge: Get myself into shape in time for my brother's wedding. 426 days, 100lbs.

I am to blog as much as possible... and I am to blog everything. The good. The bad. The ugly.

And, when it's all said and done, I will at the very least have myself an almost day by day account of what I'm hoping will be a big thing in my life.

Deep breath. Here we go.

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Courtney Rae said...

I love you Lauren Ashley and I read your blog! I am going to use your blog as my inspiration....100lbs in 11 months!!!! As always, thank you!!!!!!!!