Gym stats and other news...

Lost my battle with naps today.

I know, I know... FAIL. But I tried, I really did. In fact, I'm fairly certain the Sandman hired ninjas to sneak in and strike me down when I wasn't paying attention... because that's exactly what happened. One second I was yawning, the next, I blink and half an hour had passed... that leaves 2 options. Either that was the world's longest yawn, or I took a nap.

Anyway, enough about naps... GYM STATS! *drumroll*


Chest Press
weight: 105 lbs (improvement!)
reps: 9

Arm Curl
weight: 30 lbs
reps: 12 (improvement!)

Arm Extension
weight: 50 lbs (improvement!)
reps: 8

Shoulder Press
weight: 40 lbs
reps: 9

Lateral Raise
weight: 50 lbs (improvement!)
reps: 12 (improvement!)

Seated Row
weight: 60 lbs (improvement!)
reps: 12 reps (improvement!)

Lat Pulldown
weight: 75 lbs (improvement!)
reps: 13 (improvement!)

2:30 min/level 5 hill
0:30 min pause for water
2:30 min/level 5 hill
1:00 min pause for water
3:00 min/level 5 hill
2:00 min/cooldown
TOTAL: 10 minutes


Leg Press
weight: 135 lbs/155 lbs/215 lbs
reps: 12/12/12

Calf Raise
weight: 60 lbs
reps: 12

Seated Hamstring
weight: 90 lbs
reps: 12

Hip Abductor
weight: 100 lbs
reps: 12

Hip Adductor
weight: 100 lbs
reps: 12

6:00 min/level 5 hill
(Gym closed)

I marked where the upper body improvements were; Lower body was all improvements. :) The most exciting thing is my endurance on the Elliptical... I feel like I'm actually conquering it. Seriously, this thing is like a torture device. If the exercise bike is Satan's tool, than the Elliptical is Satan himself. The man who created the thing must have been a sadist that liked playing God and enjoyed watching lesser people suffer... it's not a pleasant experience at all... however, I'm determined to defeat it because, as painful as it is, it gets the blood flowing and it's a good workout.

Both workouts were started with a foam roll and ab workout... which reminds me.


I also hate exercise balls, and lunge walking. BUT... it must be done.

Why does exercise require one to inflict pain on themselves?? Furthermore, why does being a bridesmaid require one to stand in front of people, thus created a need for one to inflict pain on themselves?

I have found, however, that I greatly enjoy Yoga, and I would like to take this time to thank my band directors for all of the balance exercises we did way back when... according to the Wii fit (and based on the fact that I don't fall over as often as I think I should) I have excellent balance!

I'll have a chance to weigh in on the 23rd... I'm using the Wii fit to weigh in because it's brutally honest.

No, scratch that. It's down right RUDE. BUT, I've found that the more rude it is, the more driven I am to lose weight, and make that stupid little board eat its words! I'll keep you posted, as soon as I know.

ALSO - quick question for people who use the elliptical:

When you start, it asks you to put in your weight... why is that? Does the elliptical choose an intensity of workout based on how heavy you are?

Leave your answers in the comment box to the right! >>>^^^

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