Reimagining the Blog...

So, I'm thinking about taking up hard core blogging again. Starting in July, I'm going to resume the NaBloPoMo challenge, during which I write a blog every day. I'll use June to get back into the swing of things... I won't blog every day, but I'll try to keep up with blogging... I already have 3 posts this month! That's just as many as I wrote in May! XD

Anyway, I had a few things in mind for the blog...

For starters, I was thinking about giving Limitless Ramblings a new look. It's been this way for a while... I love the banner, I love the look, but I think it's time for something new. I want to do a similar banner with new things, but I don't know what to put in them. The current banner is from the survey done in this post. SO - What I need from you are 12 things... 12 things that remind you of me. The first 12 people who respond to this with something that reminds them of me (be it a movie, a character, a food, a color, a book, etc.)will have, in turn, helped me create the new Limitless Ramblings banner! I also need a new color scheme - the green is awesome (in honor of Wicked) but I'd like something fresh... so, if any one would like to suggest a new color scheme, that would be welcome, as well!

Also, I'm thinking of segments... I have a few old segments from before that I may bring back, but I'm looking at 2 specific ones right now...

1. 'Nuff Said. I say this a lot, and by a lot, I mean a LOT. Looking back on my previous attempts at NaBloPoMo, and found that one of the problems I faced was the NEED to write something everyday. WRITE something. That's incredibly difficult to do... not to mention, stressful at times. So, I decided... what if I took one of the things I say a LOT, and turned it into a segment in my blog? So, on days where I can't think of anything, or I just don't have time to write, I'll pull my "'Nuff Said" card, at which point, you'll receive a post with a self explanatory news story, or a picture, or a link to a cool website, whatever. Anything that I don't feel like I need to explain, I'll post as that days entry, with the words "'Nuff said."


'Nuff Said.

2. Top Ten Lists. I always catch myself talking to my friends and using the phrase "it's one of my favorite *insert topic here*", and it dawned on me that it would be fun to do a top ten segment on my blog... once a week or once a month or whenever the spirit moves me, I can do a top ten list of anything: favorite cheesy scary movies, favorite words that aren't real, favorite phrases, websites, etc. etc. Just something to pass the time, if I don't feel like being deep and insightful

I'm also tempted to do a number of themed posts... for instance, I doubt I can make it a month without mentioning Star Trek once, so maybe having Star Trek themed posts once a month or week or whatever... and I'm seriously considering profiling a new band every month, be it a new band or an older, already established one that I just love... music related posts are soon to come, as well. And I'm working on a reader's choice type thing... I'll let you all know ahead of time, and you guys can suggest things you'd like to see a blog about... :D

Anyway, that's the direction I'm thinking about taking Limitless Ramblings... Hopefully it'll interest me (and all of you) enough to keep it going again... because it's definitely been a while! :D

Send in those banner suggestions! :)

L e t 's G e t T h i s ! ! !

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