Heroes, Lies, Zombies, and The Sound of Madness

I'm getting excited for Heroes again... now, when I say that, I realize it looks like I'm saying I lost interest in the show. Let me say now, that isn't true. I'm actually surprised with how I've stuck with the show...

What I mean by my statement is, I can no longer choose to ignore the fact that Heroes isn't on. After last season's finale, which was both infuriating and epic, I did what I do after every Heroes season finale: turn my brain off and try to forget that it's not going to be on until September or whenever. I carry on with my life, and try not to notice that I no longer have to be in front of the TV on Monday's at 9.

It's usually easy till about Summer time... so it's about right that I start getting antsy now. However, it started differently this time. I wasn't snatched by promotional photos, or articles, or previews on TV... no... I was bit by the Sylar bug. Now, what that means is, I've been listening to songs that make me think of Sylar. The first one was Eminem's 3 A.M. That song is SO Sylar... but it got me thinking about him and how he was left at the end of Season 3, and I started doing something I usually don't allow myself to do until Heroes is closer. I started wondering what they were going to do with the character, where they were going to take him. There have been other songs in the past few days that make me think of him, but the other one that stands out in my mind is "Devour" by Shinedown. I can just see Sylar stealing brains to that song. XD

"Devour" leads me to my next topic - Shinedown's "The Sound of Madness" album... wow, I TOTALLY love it! Now, this isn't the first time I've heard Shinedown. I had stumbled upon them a few years ago, because there was a Heroes music video to the song "Save Me." But, I only ever listened to "Save Me" and "Dare You", never really had time to branch out into the band... however, last night while waiting to watch the Curious Case of Benjamin Button - which I didn't get to watch, btw. Stupid DirectTV lied to me - DirectTV played "Second Chance" and I LOVED it. I got to the part about Hayley's Comet and needed the song. I didn't know it was by Shinedown at the time, but when I found out, I was like... dude. So I went online and listened to the whole album... and holy crap! I'll say it again, I TOTALLY LOVE IT! Along with "Second Chance" and "Devour", there are a number of AMAZING songs on the album. I like them all, but current favorites are "Sin with a Grin", "The Crow & The Butterfly", and most of all, "Cyanide and Sweet Tooth Suicide". BOY do I love that song! The album starts out with "Devour" and wraps everything up with the epic "Call Me". It's totally worth your time to give them a listen... if anything, just make a Pandora radio station inspired by them. :)

It's not the only album I've listened to lately that I've loved... Don't You Fake It, Chroma, and Unbreakable are pretty epic, as well... but those are for other blogs.

Also... um... Left 4 Dead 2 in November. I'm so jazzed... I played L4D on Xbox Live for the first time and it was soooo much fun... but seriously, the only way that game isn't fun is if you don't play it with other people. It's always better to fight zombies with real people instead of computers. I can't wait for L4D2... CHAINSAWS! And I played Versus today... oh man, that was fun! I'm horrible as the zombies, though. I do much better when I can kill zombies, rather than humans. Just goes to show, I'd be a better zombie slayer than a zombie. Bring on the Apocalypse.

Wow... I finally updated just to update! :D That's a good sign. :) Expect a new layout/banner soon!


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Jevonne said...

Ahaha, I know what you mean about Heroes. I'm just hoping that Nathan!Sylar gets back to himself before too long, or the show will be about as interesting as an hour of C-span. :|

Jordan said...

lol... I must have totally lost interest, because I haven't really taken special note of Heroes' absence. That kind of makes me sad. oh well.

I'll still watch, to see how goes~

oh, my captcha is "testsm." What, like "tests, mmmm?"