Apparently, I've gone street rat crackers

I've HAD to have gone completely insane... that's all I can say... I mean, seriously... we're talking about a person that can do MAYBE 1 push up before she collapses on the floor in a weeping, crying, puddle of uselessness, taking on a challenge that's supposed to end with her doing 100 consecutive push ups... hahahaha. Yeah right.

BUT - it's a challenge... and I'm not one to stand down from a challenge.

My friend Jordan - who is also taking the 100 Push Ups Challenge - was the one who turned me on to it. Basically, it's in stages (duh).

First, you take the Initial Test. Basically, that means you do your stretches, get warmed up, and do as many push ups as you can before collapsing into the aforementioned weeping, crying, puddle of uselessness. That number then tells you where to start.

Based on your IT results, you then proceed to the week one workout schedule. From this point forward, it's pretty self explanatory. You start your week's work out based on the number of push ups you finished the prior week with. For instance, if your IT results showed you that you could do 4 push ups before dying, then you would start with the first column. Week 2 begins in the same column as week 1, but at the end of week 2, you do what is called an Exhaustion Test. The ET results then tell you where to start in week 3. After Week 4, you do another Exhaustion Test... based on those results, you either proceed to week 5, or repeat week 3 or 4. Once you are able to complete enough push ups in the ET to move on to week 5, you continue. By the end of the 6 weeks (I'd rather they be called levels than weeks, if you have to repeat a week, it throws it all off), you take the Final Test... which is, of course, the 100 push ups.

I think it's a great idea, and even if I fail, I at least ACCEPTED the challenge... honestly, I think it would be amazing if I could do the 100 push ups by the end of the 6 weeks, but if I have to repeat a few weeks, then I will. Hopefully, I can stick to this, and not give up. Even if I fail, I should be stronger at the end then I was at the beginning... and it's a workout... of sorts.

So... seeing as the reason I got into this was because Jordan asked who would like to do it with her, I'd like to extend the same offer to any of my readers:

Who's willing to take the challenge with me??

Also - I will be keeping a journal of my progress, and will update my blog weekly. Or at least, that's the plan. I'm starting level 1 tomorrow - who wants to join me?? LET'S GET THIS! :D

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Anonymous said...

I am so tempted to join you...

but is scary and I like being lazy.