Renovations, Thank-you's, Bowling Nights, and Barbecues

For those who haven't noticed, I've redone the blog! :D Made a new banner, new color scheme/layout, even a new font! It took a while to dig through the HTML code and tweak everything so it was JUST right, but I feel I've been rather successful... I think the blog has more of a... not so much sophisticated feel, but... well... something a little more muted, a little less... loud. And I feel the banner better represents the blog than the other one did, which was focused more on me.

Now, before anyone asks, I did not pick the subject matter in the banner. I left that up to my readers... I still followed the rules of the banner, which was pick the first picture that shows up when you search a term, but the terms were picked by others. The breakdown goes as such:

1. Leonard McCoy - Stephanie
2. The Game - Melissa
3. Passion - Courtney
4. Pandas - Christina
5. Baking - Jordan
6. Star Trek - Jordan
7. Oit-meal - Melissa
8. Kevin Spacey - Jordan
9. Musicals - Jordan
10. Nanny - Melissa
11. Sylar - Christina
12. iPod - Melissa

Some of those probably mean nothing to some of you, but each has a story behind it, and I may blog about that at some point in time... but not now. I have far too much to cover. BUT - thank you to all who contributed and made my job easier by picking my new banner FOR me! :D Also, a big thank you to Melissa, who gave me a number of suggestions on a new color scheme, that ultimately lead to my picking the one I currently have. :)

SO - Question of the Blog:

What do you think of the new layout and banner?

Moving right along.

Today was the 4th of July Barbecue at church. Honestly, I didn't expect to have much fun, because of how hot it was... but it was a blast! And how easily amused are we? There was a HUGE group of us, sitting at one table, getting endless entertainment out of making up dumb challenges and spinning something called "The Decider" to see who had to carry them out. Poor Brandon, he had to do pretty much all of them, because it kept landing on him. No joke. He even got up and moved, and it still landed on him. :D It got to the point where we just started laughing when it landed on him, because we all knew it would.

But laughing is fun so who can complain? I also got to walk around and take pictures and hang out with various people... including Kim and her adorable kids.

You can't tell me that isn't the cutest little face in the world! It ended up being a WHOLE lot of fun.

After all of that, a bunch of us headed to Bellevue Bowl for Christian Bowling Night. My brother DJ's for CBN, and it's only 5$ a person, so it was a blast to get to just hang out with people and bowl... even though I suck. Lots of laughs were shared, and it was just a genuinely good day... all the way around.

Oh, and yesterday (Saturday) I went to the lake with a bunch of people from the college group and we had a barbecue and just sat around and talked and got to know the newer members... that was pretty fun, too. :D Add that all together with the week of housesitting/movienights/zombie slaying all-nighters, and it was a pretty successful week. All hail summer! lol.

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