Super Bowl 43 Vlog!!!

Alright!! As promised, here is the Super Bowl Vlog!!! And below are a bunch of questions about the vlog, just to give you all something to do... :D All answers are in the video, so... have fun! Post your answers in the form of a comment, or message. :D

1. The song I sang at the beginning was a rendition of a song from what Nick Jr. TV show?

2. Who sang the National Anthem?

3. When talking about the banana pudding, I say "banana" a certain way - what show is that from?

4. Who flipped the coin?

5. Who won the toss?

6. Who's babies did I say I would not mind having?

7. Who did I say played Spock?

8. Why were the guys sitting upstairs?

9. A little less than 3 minutes into the video, we watch a fairly violent commercial, only to rewind it later and watch it again. What product was the commercial selling?

10. What were my "famous last words"?

11. What question did Ellie ask me when I came out of the bathroom?

12. Why did I eventually ditch the TiVo tv and move upstairs?

13. After the Cardinals touchdown that brought the score to 23 - 20, I let out a noise (6:11). What movie (and/or tv show) is that noise from?

14. At about 7 minutes and 40 seconds, I say that there wasn't a fumble, because the ball had "forward progress." Was that the right terminology?"

15. There's no hushing in football" is a variation of what phrase, and from what movie?

16. According to my mom, who won?


1. How many times has Jennifer Hudson been nominated?

2. During the coin toss, what is the number of the player closest to Gen. Petreus?

3. Where did I say the Star Trek TV Spot was?

4. At about 2:16, what is the first food you see on the table?

5. What color were Aunt Sandra's flowers in the kitchen?

6. What am I?

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