Geeky love keeps me running back to you...

Last night, at 12:12 am, I had a heart attack. I was going to the restroom, and the tv was on... Red Eye was on - and I froze. I freaked. I had gone an entire day without posting a blog... I HAD FAILED MYSELF, and NABLOPOMO!

Then, almost as immediately as the heart attack started, it ended, because I realized - IT'S FEBRUARY, SUCKAZ, and I'M FREEEEEE! How did I let January end without even the slightest inkling that I was done with the January challenge? Easy... the Super Bowl... oh football... hahaha.

So, if any of you are wondering - which you probably aren't - I have decided to NOT take part in this month's NaBloPoMo challenge, because I like being free.

I will be blogging regularly, though... it's just that my thoughts have been consumed by really one thing the past few days... STAR TREK. It's a driving force, no joke. It's taking everything I have to not geek out and post an epic blog about how much I love the original show and cast, how much I want to watch the movies but can't cuz our VCR is being lame, how much I miss DeForest Kelley and Jeffrey Doohan, how thrilled I am about the new movie, how much I want to see the new cast in action, etc. etc. I'm holding back... I don't want to geek out too bad, but I don't know how long I can hold off... as much as I don't want to give you a blog about all of those things... like the Heroes Eclipse, it's coming.

There are other things I've been thinking of but, due to their controversial nature, I can't publicise them... lame.

BUT - I think I will talk about Heroes and the fact that I'M FINALLY CAUGHT UP! Monday's episode was pretty epic... Sylar's getting more and more intense... (GAH! It just leads back to Star Trek!! Stupid BRAIN!!!...BRAIN...SYLAR...CONTINUE) he's still got the mystery and layers that I love about the character... but there's something innocently sinister about him. For instance, I have a hard time hating him when the people he's killing are working for Nathan...

I also find it insanely fascinating that I have no problem rooting for Noah, no matter what side he's on... and it's awesome when he's against Sylar, because then, it's like the Seahawk's against the 49ers... sure, they're both my teams, and either way, one is going to lose, but it's going to be a good game, and one of my teams are going to win... and in the case of Sylar and Noah, it's usually a draw... haha. I think it's because Noah's morally grey... he made that clear, so whatever he does, he does for the greater good, even if he has to break the law to do it... he's also the only character that has stayed consistant. He said he was morally grey, and he's stayed morally grey.

Not to mention, I like the idea of morally grey... I mean, yeah, I'm soooo against breaking the law - but in a character, morally grey is fantastic, and I honestly can't think of anyone outside of Noah Bennet who's pulled it off so well... except maybe (NO NO STAR TREK!!!!)... nope... just Noah XD. The concept is just... it's great. He's not a good guy, but he's not a bad guy. He's a help and a hindrance... and yet neither. He's like a drifter... I just love it.

I hope he's okay. XD

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