Look! In the sky! It's a bird... it's a plane! It's... SUPER BOWL!

It's Super Bowl Sunday! BUT - it's only 1:51 AM... so the game hasn't started yet. Being the football lover that I am, it's a given that I'll be watching the game... however, lucky for all of you, I am on a mission to supply you all with a fantastic Super Bowl blog! I mean, first I have to go to church, and then GET to the destination... but then, the fun will start... I hope to take a bunch of little videos, compile them all together, and then cut a scavenger hunt for you guys... it'll be fun! :D And I hope that insanity will take place at the party, so... here's hoping!


And now... some fun links!

Top 10 Worst Super Bowl Somethings...

Best Sports Quotes of 2008

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