You're TIMELESS to me...

I had a bit of a music adventure today. In all honesty, it started last night. I've been listening to Ne-Yo for a while, but not really obsessively... recently, however, I haven't really been able to listen to anything else, and last night I found a music video playlist on Youtube and just listened to the whole thing start to finish. In it was Ne-Yo's original, on his own version of the song "Single," and I have to admit, I really enjoyed it. I love his voice and, even though he does hip hop, he does a lot of things with harmonies and a more choral sound in his music... it's a great song. But, right after that was the version of the same song that he did with New Kids on the Block, and I came to appreciate it more. Each person has their own little accent they throw into the song... and more than anything, I just like the Rat Pack feel of the song.

I know... it's kind of a random thing to pull out of the comment box when referring to a boy band featuring a hip hop artist... but there's just something about how they handle the song, it's just got that feel to it. It's exactly like everything they've done before, and completely different at the same time... maybe it has something to do with how everyone carries themselves. Joey has a Sinatra feel to him - he always has - Ne-Yo is just classy... how he dresses, dances, everything. He's got Rat Pack written all over him (there's a scene in the music video where Donnie sings something, and there's like a half second snap and it goes to Ne-Yo... that's my favorite part... that half second... it's perfect, and so subtle but so necessary). The rest of them handle themselves VERY well... Donnie's got something about him that just screams classy, Jordan's extremely laid back and care free, and Danny and Jon have this quiet, behind the scenes feel to them. Just listening to it compared to the sans New Kids version made me love the NK version soooo much more.

So, of course, I tell Jordan. She's a music fan, too, and we tend to have similar tastes. She then told me she had been listening to Frankie Valli... so, while I shot "Single" her way, she tossed me a couple of Frankie Valli remixes she had found and liked. They were fantastic!! And THAT eventually led to us talking about how certain artists are absolutely timeless.

There are so many songs out today about sex, and drugs, and fighting, blah blah blah. They're all a distinct style, and let's be honest... it's going to fade. In a few years time, there will be a better type of music, and what we're listening to today will be old hat and laughed at... but artists like The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Frankie Valli, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin... they're all timeless. You could introduce one of those artists to a child today and they'd think it was from their time... because those artists found the uniqueness of music, and were able to make themselves timeless.

WHY. CAN'T. WE. RECREATE THAT? Everything comes and goes, but Sinatra will always be amazing, Frankie Valli will always be superb, and Elvis will always be king. The Rat Pack will always rule Vegas, Chuck Berry will always be the definition of awesome, and that music will always be timeless... it's never going to change

Maybe that's why I like Ne-Yo so much... he mixes up his music enough to the point where he may be able to make himself timeless... his music is absolutely beautiful. :)

I like timeless music... it'll always be there.

What kind of music is timeless to you???

Let's get this!


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