I am the patron saint of lost causes...

I find it funny that I have to constantly remind myself that Germany is just Germany, and no longer Nazi Germany... I wonder if the British have to remind themselves that we're just America now, and no longer the insurgent colonies...

Isn't it crazy how different things can look, depending on where you stand?

We had a meeting of everyone going to Wicked on the 7th... and we were discussing the story of the musical, and the songs, and brought up the line in "Wonderful," when the Wizard says "people believe all sorts of things that aren't true... they call it history." Someone in the group mentioned that that statement kind of hurt... but if you think about it, it's very true.

Now, wait, Lauren, are you saying our history is a lie?

Absolutely not... had that discussion today, too, about people claiming the Holocaust never happened, and blah blah blah. Our history definitely happened, but what I'm pulling from that statement is, what does the situation look like from where you're standing? And where are you standing?

One of my most prevalent thoughts on July 4th is, what do the British do today? Do they just ignore it? Do they celebrate it with us? Is it a day of mourning?? Do their calendars even HAVE a July 4th? In America, we see George Washington as a brave leader, our first president, and blazer of trails. In Britain, he's probably more widely known as the "insurgent leader."

I guess it doesn't matter how people view things or what it looks like depending on where you stand... but I just always found it interesting. Which view point is right? IS there a right and wrong view?? Or are the concepts of right and wrong simply in the eye of the beholder? Who knows... just thought it was interesting.

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