You had me at...

I love these videos!!! :D

I don't have a lot to blog about... January is chuggin' along at a steady pace, and things haven't really changed yet. It will soon... friends will go back to school, life will carry on. Work will start up, ministry functions and what not will kick into gear...

But right now, nothing has changed.

I want to have something AWESOME to blog about, but quite honestly? Nothing. Nothing at all. I guess that's just how it is... even if we push onward and hope that these challenges will help us grow and become better bloggers and writers, there are still going to be those times when we just don't have anything to write about... I think that, what matters - what's going to help us grow - are those moments when you have nothing to write about, yet you still do. :)

I hope to tell you something more interesting tomorrow, but as for now, I guess I'll let you all go. :)

***Props to Babsie for the awesome pic! :)***



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