Rising up to the Challenge...

I need to learn the words to Eye of the Tiger... I love that song. It makes me think of band and all the great memories that went along with it. I remember dancing with the clarinets when we weren't playing... and sometimes when we were. I remember belting the same line with the entire section at the top of my lungs right before playing our part... but I don't know the words. I know some of them... the rest I just make up... la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... of the tiger!

As I sit here and think about the theme of January - change - I wonder what it means. When I started this challenge, I thought it meant I had to write about something that's changed... some form of change... every day. But... now that I think about it, I think it'll be just as acceptable to write about somethings that HAVEN'T changed.

For instance, the fact that I don't know the lyrics to Eye of the Tiger. I've never been able to sing that song without saying "la la la doo doo doo," but I still haven't looked up the lyrics... probably because, that's just how it goes. My memories of the song partly rely on the fact that I DON'T remember the words, forcing me to remember what I used to sing when I was in band, and forcing me to remember those times.

I also don't think I'll ever lose my love for football... it's kind of a constant. There are always those sundays during football season where, if I don't have plans, I can go home and watch a game. It's just a game of intense compitition and skill... and watching it just makes me happy. I also like the idea that, it could be something my husband and I can agree on. I hear so many women complain about the fact that their boyfriend or husband watches football and they can't stand it - I'd be watching it with mine! And what teaches you loyalty more than sticking with your team, even when they lose?? :) Yay football!!!

The last thing about things that fail to change that I'd like to point out is actually kind of cool to me. I had always heard that my Grandpa Brent flew on one of the first B-52s... what I learned last night was that he not only flew on THE first, but he also helped build it!! And, while my Grandpa Brent isn't around anymore, the B-52 is and still going strong. How awesome is that?? The first one was built and flown onto the runway at Castle AFB in '55... and we still use the plane!!! That's what, 53 years? We've been using the same plane for 53 years... and my dad says they probably won't retire it until it's 90! My Grandpa Brent helped built the first in a slew of planes we still use today!!!

That one's kind of two fold - on the one hand, the use of the B-52 hasn't changed, we still have them. On the other hand, My Grandpa helped create a plane that changed the world, even if minutely! :) That's SO COOL!!!!

I don't know what the point of this note was - but my dad showed me a bunch of really cool old photos of my Grandpa from WW2 and the Korean War and other stuff like that, and told me a ton of stories and showed me a bunch of news paper articles about him, so expect to hear more about my Grandpa Brent, as well as Colonel Birdsong and others he knew.



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