Welcome to the game... which I just lost...

THE CELL... I played this game today. I saw my brother playing it yesterday, and decided to check it out myself.

It's nothing great - just a point and click game. The graphics are meh, and the story line is very similar to that of Saw... but I liked it. It definitely got one jump out of me, and it made me think. There are a number of problems that need to be solved - I guess you could call them puzzles, but they aren't very difficult... the most difficult one involves a mouse... lol. If you get stuck, just click the help button in the corner, and it'll give you a hint on what to do next.

I've been pretty into these point and click games for a while... my favorite still being the Exmortis series... most of them are problem solving ones, which is neat. It keeps my brain going. (If you want a REALLY difficult point and click puzzle, check out the COLORED ROOM series. Those are INSANE, and took me HOURS to finally beat)

I like modern video games... they've become more difficult - involving problem solving instead of just jumping on blocks and progressing to the next level. Now a days, you have to be able to remember pin numbers, or switch sequences, or how to sneak around a room without getting heard or spotted... but these point and click games are my favorite. They're short, and most of them get a jump out of you.

If you're interested in these point and click games, check out the ones at and and definitely check out Exmortis, The House, and The Cell. :)

Also, check out Crackle to watch the webisode version of The Cell. :D

Let's get this! :)


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