Man Saves Three From Burning Building!!!


I've never done an interview before, but I couldn't pass this up... what J.D. did was awesome and everyone should know about it! ;) I heard this story a couple days ago, and he was kind enough to grant me an interview, which I wanted to do because CNN covered the story and they're, you know, lame. Like the title says, J.D. saved 3 children from a burning building - and I was given the chance to ask him about the incident!

LR: Let's start by having you tell us a little bit about yourself.

JD: Me? I'm just a kid who grew up in Jersey, Lived in New Orleans during Katrina, which created my call to service. Since then, I've been an EMT and Firefighter.

LR: So, you became an EMT and Firefighter after Katrina... what were you before then, if you don't mind me asking?

JD: I am (now) what I was then. I manage 2 gyms in New Jersey, and one in Pennsylvania - a franchise called Retro Fitness - as well as a college student. EMT/Firefighter unfortunately is not a career that pays well these days.

LR: How did you happen upon the burning house?

JD: My pager went off like a normal call... everything seemed routine until we heard yelling from the house.

LR: Is that what made you run inside?

JD: Yes - there were children trapped inside, that's what made me run in, simple as that. It may sound crazy, but I always put others' lives in front of my own. You could call it crazy - haha, you wouldn't be the first.

LR: Was there ever the thought of, "man, I probably shouldn't have done this?"

JD: The thought of "S***, I shouldn't have done this..." that doesn't hit me until after I'm out... haha, but it does hit me.

LR: Can you tell us what happened? At least as far as you know?

JD: As far as I know, a mother left her kids to watch themselves, and the one kid spilled water all over his clothes, and placed them on top of a space heater; which in turn burst into flames due to electrical conductivity. The fire then spread to curtains, wallpaper, and so on. This is all pending investigation, of course, but that's what my report says.

LR: You saved the children (YAY!); was anyone else injured?

JD: No one was injured. Miracle, I know. Smoke inhalation for 2 of the firefighters and children but, hey, given the circumstances, that isn't bad.

LR: You got a few minutes on CNN... is it really as evil a network as everyone thinks? (lol)

JD: CNN seemed okay, but what I didn't like was they told me what to say. Kinda defeats the purpose, don't you think?

LR: I haven't been able to track down the video on CNN yet... but what kind of things did they tell you to say? Hail Obama, stuff like that? (Joking, of course.)

JD: They told me to tell the story as it happened, no speculation... I got 30 seconds, haha.

LR: Do you plan on staying in contact with the children you saved?

JD: I always do follow ups and such, but the problem in this case is the children will most likely be taken from the woman who left them alone... deservingly so. These children were put in direct danger and expected to watch each other at 13, 7, & 2. I don't know about you, but it seemed to me as though it was a disaster waiting to happen.

There it is - the first super awesome interview of the incident! LOL... I wish there was a link I could give you... be all professional and say go here for more information on the story, but I can't... it's an amateur interview... XD I will, however, post up more information as I get it, as well as the CNN blurb. :) I can tie this into the theme of change, but since J.D. didn't say anything, I won't say anything either. :)

Let's get this!


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