Shhhh.... it's a secret...

I have a new addiction... it's called Post Secret, and it's amazing. Basically, you mail in your postcards with your secrets on them, and certain ones get picked and posted on the blog. It's amazing to see some of the secrets people send it... it's all sorts of stuff, from people not cutting themselves, to people proposing, to people professing love... the picture above is an example of the sort of thing sent into post secret. It's always anonymous, and it's a way for people to say the things they need to say without actually having to make them known.

I love reading what people put out. A lot of them can be fairly emo, but it's amazing to see what people are made of.

And the people on the message board are amazing, too. They put up just as many secrets - but instead of sending them in, they just post them on the forums, and everyone gets to read them. Some of them seem to be cries for help, others are just ways for people to vent, and some are really poetic and beautiful. It's a way to express yourself... I mean, I'm sure all of us have that one thing they've wanted to say, but couldn't. Now you can say it... and who knows? Maybe the person you're talking to is reading it...

I've read the Post Secret blog for a while, but I just recently joined the community and made a few secrets of my own. It's fun, really. :) Everyone should check it out, give it a look see, maybe even post their own secrets... it's one of the coolest experiments ever.

And it really touches me the amount of secrets posted about people who have stopped cutting... it's good to see. :) I'm glad that something as innocent as a social experiment has changed the lives of so many. The Post Secret founder is coming to Walnut Creek, and I've decided I REALLY wanna go... lol.

Not sure why I'm in such a good mood... probably has something to do with the comical site banning that happened to me today... if anyone wants details, comment or message me or IM me or something... it really is quite hilarious.

Let's Get This!


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