Wanna go halfsies on a pie?

Pizza night at Jolie's tonight... lookin' forward to it... I'm probably spending all day over there. You're going to get a pretty interesting post tomorrow... yay for exclusive blog interviews!!!! :D Someone... *points to self*.... is trying to get a jump start on being a journalist... and this story was just too awesome to pass up! :D Anyway... back to your regularly scheduled blog post... which is nothing today.

**EDIT** 6:25 pm - I've been here for a few hours... and it's been fantastic! :D I'm so glad I ended up coming, because it's been a little while since I've hung out with friends, longer since I've hung out with these friends specifically, and we've had a blast. Went to the store, made pizza dough (that's right, we do pizza night right!), hung out, and laughed quite a bit. That's usually pretty high on the to do list - laughing. We always have a blast over here. :) YAY! I'm so excited... we put the first two pizzas in and let's hope they turn out awesome! :D

**EDIT** 12:34 am - Pizzas were great! We spent the rest of the night watching crazy videos on youtube and swapping random high school stories and dancing like loons to songs that were popular in Junior High... oh joy! I love friends! I met a lot of new people tonight... and then found out we all liked Reefer Madness... so we watched it! YAY REEFER MADNESS!!! :D It was a fun night, I'm really glad I went... it's been a blasty blast!

I'll probably head to bed in a bit, and then clean clean clean tomorrow! YAY! :D

Let's get this!


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