The Great Cookie Adventure!

I like posting pictures... I think, as part of my quest to advance my blogging skills, I'm going to post a picture or more in every one of my posts... :)

Change... it's harder to write about than I thought.

I'm a fan of cookies - who doesn't like them - but to be quite honest, I'm VERY picky about the type of cookies I eat. I can't stand vanilla ANYTHING... and I don't like oatmeal raisin cookies, either.

My favorite type of cookie is OREOS... but it's a bitter sweet love. I love the chocolate part, but CAN'T STAND the cream. *shudders* I don't know what it is, but I just don't like it.

A while ago, we got these Golden Oreos... I wasn't too thrilled about it because, I don't like vanilla cookies, and I don't like the cream in normal OREOS. Now, the chocolate part was merely a thin sheet of cream (making them more along the lines of UH-OH OREOS than the original Golden OREOS with vanilla cream), and the cookies looked to be vanilla cookies, overpowering the chocolate part. I didn't try them, I didn't want to. Eeeew, gross. Not my cup of tea. The fact that my family didn't devour them within the first few days kind of made me shudder, too.

Time went on... the sleeve of yuk!cookies sat in our cupboard, untouched, for a week... 2 weeks... through Christmas... past New Year's... The fact that they remained was disheartening... if they were good AT ALL, I figured my family would have eaten them already. I didn't want to try them...

However, earlier today, my craving for cookies got the best of me, and I decided to at least try them. I had no intention of finishing the cookie... I had no intention of even finishing the bite I took... but I wasn't going to go through life afraid of a cookie I had never tried. If I was going to be afraid of a cookie, I was going to at least be able to say didn't like it!

So, I took down the sleeve of cookies, pulled back the sticky film cover, and took out a cookie. I examined it for a bit... debating about whether or not I wanted to try it, and then finally took a bite.

I was pleasantly surprised! It tasted less like a disgusting vanilla yuck!cookie, and more like a Bahlsen Choco Leibniz! I had a couple more... and I'd be willing to say it's actually my favorite type of OREO, now... there's no part of it I don't like! :D

So - this year, make a change! Try something you wouldn't normally try! You may be surprised! :)



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