This is quite possibly going to be my weakest post...


So, tonight we played a game called Pictaphone. Basically, it's like Telephone and Pictionary... one person writes a caption, the next person draws a picture to that caption. The third person then has to write a caption based on the picture, without seeing the original caption, and so on and so forth till it goes all the way around and the first person gets it back. It's GREAT fun!!! Here are a few of mine that turned out HILARIOUS... lol.

Our theme was movie quotes, and it went like this.

Lauren: "Everything in my factory is edible. Even the people are edible - but that is called cannibalism, and is frowned upon in most societies." (It's from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

Troy: Troy draws THIS based on the quote:

Jen: Jen then captions it: "Midget monsters in a fiery castle eating a man."

Heather: (draws a picture based on Jen's caption)

Cody: (captions heather's pic) "Cocaine's a hell of a drug."

Randy: (draws a picture based on Cody's caption)

Here's the other one that made us laugh:

Lauren: "The nazis had pieces of flair they made the Jews wear." (Office Space)


Heather: "Hitler is a sad man. The coward has no medals."


Randy: "Don't drink - Satan's orders."

LOL - it was a great time!! :) I don't know if I've laughed that hard in a LOOOONG time... I'm so glad my friends are back home! :) And I'm glad the musical went so well... and I'm glad it's OVER!! lol - time to REST!! :)


I'm thankful for friends being home... I'm spending time with them now, which is why this is the shortest, most lame, retarded post in the world.


Randy just broke something, I'm sure... lol.

I'm going to try and make this post interesting...

What do you call a Fish without an i? That's not as funny when you don't SAY it... lol!!!

I'll give you all a better post tomorrow, I PROMISE.

Get ya mind right.


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