That STUPID 16 Facts thing...

Made this playlist today - I usually theme my playlists. Your job is to find out what the common theme is between all these songs! :)

Also - that sixteen facts thing.... I've been tagged so many times, I guess I have to do it now, huh?

Okay you get the drill. Once you've been tagged, you have to write a note with sixteen random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose sixteen people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. I HATE the number 16 - that's why I put this off as long as I could.

2. My favorite M. Night Shyamalan movies are The Sixth Sense and The Happening - coincidentally, both star a Wahlberg brother - Donnie is in the Sixth Sense (PROOF) and Mark is in The Happening (PROOF).

3. My favorite flavor of Wheat Thins is Sundried Tomato and Basil.

4. I like the fact that you can name your iPod, but because I have the option of naming it, I am forced to come up with witty word play names, such as "Once iPod a Time in Mexico," "i-Pod-Di, i-Pod-Da," and "iPod It (The Right Stuff)." My favorite name, however, is "Sweeney Pod, the demon MP3 Player of Fleet Street."

5. I still love N'SYNC.

6. I don't like gummy bears, but I eat them all the time... the only ones I actually like are the clear ones.

7. My favorite soda is Big Red. I realize it tastes like cough syrup - I still like it.

8. I can count cards... and knew how to do so BEFORE the movie 21 came out.

9. I can say "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" backwards.

10. I'm going to see Wicked next year. I'm so excited about this, that every day that I remember that I'm going is the best day of my life.

11. Stephen King is my favorite author. My favorite novel of his is "IT," and my favorite short story is "The End of the Whole Mess." If I had to choose between the two, "The End of the Whole Mess" would be my favorite, hands down.

12. The only time I've ever SCREAMED for joy upon hearing the cast of a movie adaptation of a Stephen King book was when Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers, Office Space) was cast as Howard Fornoy. My favorite cast of a movie adaptation of a Stephen King book, however, is Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers), Thomas Jane (The Punisher), Timothy Olyphant (Hitman), Jason Lee (Alvin and the Chipmunks), Morgan Freeman (Gone Baby Gone), and Donnie Wahlberg (Band of Brothers).

13. I hate shoes, but I'm a HUGE supporter of socks.

14. I was a closet New Kids on the Block fan, though I just recently came out about my fandom when they released their new CD and announced they were getting back together. However, my family still does not know how much, or for how long, I have loved the New Kids. A while back, we found a towel on the side of the road, and we picked it up. It ended up being a NKOTB towel, and we kept it and took it home and washed it and we still have it to this day. Everyone uses it, but I secretly claimed it as mine.

15. I'm a geek... or a nerd... whichever term you prefer. I'm fairly well read when it comes to comic books - I know my super heroes inside and out. I make references to Star Trek, and often. I have all 6 Star Wars movies, as well as the soundtracks to movies 1 - 4... I have the 2 disc special edition soundtrack to A New Hope. I could talk for hours about Transformers or the Fantastic Four, or why the ending to Spider Man 3 sucked. Really, the list goes on. I'm quite a loser.

16. I can say "Fuzzy Mountain," "hi," and "Jesus Loves Me" in Navajo.

Okay, now I have to pick 16 people to tag....

Heather Holt - Because I wanna see if she can think of 16 things that I don't know... lol.
Randy May - he tagged me, and also, because I figured he might laugh at some of the things I wrote.
Mikayla Cooke - She ALSO tagged me. lol.
Donna Binkholder - Tagged me as well.
Amber Clements - Tagged me.
Courtney Grossl - Tagged me.
Ana Temblador - Because I think you'll laugh at at least ONE of my iPod names. :)
Jolie McLane - Because she said she'd ignore me if I tagged her... haha!
Melissa Culver - in case she's bored and wants something to do, she can do this. I'd be interested to see hers!
Stephanie Gerk - We haven't talked in forever... maybe this will start a convo. lol.
Nathan Koehler - cuz he's Australian, and that's cool.
Kevin Shewey - He never reads these notes, and I needed another name.
Christa Bruner - It'd be interesting to see her 16 facts!
Nancy Hoppe - I forgot to tag her in the Secret video, so I'm making up for it. lol.
Meredith Wilson - um.... I don't know why. I'm really bad at reasoning out my actions... lol.
Maggie McGurn - because everyone else is totally lame and didn't tag her, and becuase I hate the number 16 and want to defy it as much as possible. :) Plus, Maggie's cool. 
Kay McKee - Another person that may need something to do... lol.

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