21 Random Questions

I was tagged in this - it gives me something to do - but I won't tag any of you in it and force you to answer the questions. If you want to, go ahead, it's up to you. :)

1)What city do you live in? City?? I'd hardly call this a city... I live in Merced. It's between two cities... lol.
2)what song sums up your life right now? I would have to say "Fine Line" by Paul McCartney. :)
3)Pick a character you would play in a movie. Who & why? Hmm... that's a really REALLY good question. Let's see.... any character to play in a movie and why... Rose from Stephen King's Rose Madder - that story is absolutely insane, and I think it'd be a challenge to portray Rose, as well as SO MUCH FUN.
4)Your favorite X-men character? I've always been a huge fan of Gambit, and was sooo mad when he didn't appear in any of the X-men films. Gambit was the shiznite.
5)Gryffindor? Slytherin? Ravenclaw? Hufflepuff? choose your house Hufflepuff is where it's AT!
6)what is your Ethnic background? Quarter Navajo Indian, and then... I think.... maybe Irish?? I could be wrong about that.
7) when is your birthday? March 2, 1988 - same day as Dr. Seuss and Daniel Craig. :)
8)Who in your family knows you best? My mom, probably.
9)What Actor/Celeb/Athlete is the man of your dreams? OH MAN... that's too wide a spectrum, so I'll pick one for each category. ACTOR: Kevin Spacey (runners up: Zac Efron, Rob Lowe, Mark Wahlberg, Anton Yelchin, Matthew Broderick) CELEB: Donnie Wahlberg (Runners up: There are none. Donnie wins everything. lol) ATHLETE: Jerry Rice!!! :) (runners up: Ladainian Tomlinson, Matt Hasselbeck, Shawn Alexander, Matt Ryan)
10)Favorite Batman Character? The Scarecrow and Mad Hatter. They just don't make villains like that anymore.
11)What movie can you recite every single line to? O Brother, Where Art Thou? LOVE that movie. Also, PF and A Bug's Life.
12)The one place in the world you would love to visit? If you say "come with me off to Massachusetts," then to Massachusetts we will go. We will buy dishes there - maybe even two sets! Buy the finest China then we'll dine a while on crepe suzettes.
We will build model boats off in Massachusetts, there in Massachusetts in the bay - put them together and wait until the glue sets. While we wait we'll polka for the folk along the parapets.
Off to Massachusetts - yes we're off to where the shops are sweet! We will play minuets off in Massachusetts - Boston, Massachusetts - Beacon Street!
13)Favorite Cartoon Character? Chowder!!
14)What is something you can do without in your life? Rumors.
15)What Color is your IPOD? (assuming you have one) My iPod is white. :)
16)do you speak any other languages? Sign Language, a tad bit of Japanese, Spanish, and I'm learning Navajo.
17)What is the most addicting online game you've played? Word Whomp Derby - CURSE YOU HEATHER!
18)What type is your hair. curly,straight,or wavy? Stupid. That's what type my hair is. Really, really, stupid.
19) Do you like to play/watch sports? Does a fish like to swim? does the pope wear a big hat for special occasions?
20)Do You look like either of your parents? *sigh* I have my mom's eyes and hair, I think I have my mom's feet and my dad's toes, and I think I have my dad's ears and nose.
21)What's something you really want the New year to bring you? The epic end to my long journey for face time.

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