I'm so excited.... and I just can't hide....

Okay - I'm posting this now because I don't have a lot of time... I didn't do my morning rituals and the robots broke free of their mythical binds... the world is ending soon and... er... I mean... I have to be at the church at 3 for dress rehearsal, then I'm going to see a play at the playhouse afterward... I'll be out most of the day.

But - I'm still on a huge fangirl freakout act like you're three years old high.

A while ago, I posted a picture that I simply called, "thanks, Facebook." It was a screenshot of Facebook not only calling me a whore, but telling me that 2 people I knew hated me... it wasn't very nice, and killed the self esteem. Now - Facebook and I have never gotten along very well... I always talk bad about it to it's face, and it kicks me from chat all the time, and deletes some of my friends without asking me. But that... that was just OVER THE LINE. Too far!!! It was rude, and it hurt my feelings... *for those of you who didn't see the picture, click HERE*

But, I'm here to tell you that on this glorious day - Dec. 13th, 2008 - I am THANKFUL FOR Yeah, eat that, Facebook, I'm just using you for your chat function!!! XP

Last night, I couldn't sleep - I haven't been able to the past few nights, but last night I was lucky enough to have had the chance to chat with my friend Leslie from Texas... she finally found me on facebook and we were catching up and making fun of Twilighters (sorry, Ana. I still love you), and I was waiting to see if any of my other friends would come online so I could ask them when they were coming home. As I click the little friend list, who do I see online but none other than New Kids on the Block's Jordan Knight!! I was like, hey, cool! He's on his facebook!!! So, being the person that I am, I sent him a message...

"Um... you don't have to reply to this, but I figured I'd say hi and wish you a Merry Christmas and hope everything is going well! :)"

I minimized the window and went on my way. I pretty much figured he wouldn't reply - but dangit, I wasn't missing my chance to say hi and wish him a happy holiday!! I had already missed 3 in the past and wasn't giving up another one! I was looking at my page a bit later and noticed that it was ABSOLUTELY LITTERED with flair, so I tell Leslie how sickening that is... except I sent it to Jordan instead of Leslie. I quickly covered my tracks, apologizing, wrong window, etc. etc. I do this ALL THE TIME and you think I would have learned by now to MAKE SURE I'M SENDING THE MESSAGE TO THE RIGHT PERSON! *shakes head* But I haven't... I was actually kind of embarrassed, and hoped I was intruding on a conversation he was having with someone else... cuz I got the little "typing... oh wait... not here" thing. ((People who talk on AIM know what I'm talking about... it's annoying when it happens to you, and I try not to do it to other people)) So I sent the message to Leslie and jumped into another tab and started doing something else... I can't even remember what I was doing, probably blogging or something.

Does anyone use facebook chat? Don't lie, I know some of you do... so some of you know that, when you get a new message, facebook goes POP. lol. It's actually a cute little sound, if I may say so myself. I stopped what I was doing and was like, oh, Leslie replied... went to facebook, and clicked in Leslie's box. No. Reply. I was like, WHAT? But then my eye catches another chat tab, with a little red bubble containing a white #1... and I was like, who else was I chatting with??? I heard the same POP, but this time it was my brain remembering that I had sent a message to Jordan Knight!!! I just kind of stared at the screen, then opened the chat box.

He didn't SAY anything, but he sent a smilie, which made ME smile... it meant that I hadn't pissed him off by interrupting his conversation... lol. PLUS, it wasn't just ANY smilie, it was a smilie from Jordan Knight!!! This is a NEW KID, people! A member of a band that I've secretly loved for years! It wasn't a hello or anything like that, but it was a SMILE - which meant that I might have made him ACTUALLY smile... and if you have any idea who Jordan Knight is - boy has a KILLER smile.... lol.

I was extremely excited... it wasn't a lot, but after so many years, it was SO exciting! Of course, it's gotta be something like 2 in the morning, so I can't scream, I can't run around the house, and NO ONE is online to scream to. (Except poor Jordan - I think I screamed at her for a good half hour... hahaha... oh... Jordan's a friend, not Jordan Knight... haha) Now, I had had a small chat with Warren Barfield the night before, but this was different... I've met Warren twice and seen him in concert thrice. The closest I've ever gotten to any of the New Kids was missing them by a day in San Jose this year... and I had been told by that point that New Kids had pulled a Menudo and "recasted" so to speak, and the only mention of them at all on that trip was me pissed off that it was all new guys... It's true, I have it on video... LOL (It's also the closest I came to coming out of the closet as a New Kids fan, before I found out they were back... now you can't get me to shut up ha!)

So this... this was HUGE for me.

So thank you, Facebook chat! Thank you for giving me the chance to be smiled upon by Jordan Knight - now, it's no smile from Donnie, but it's a smile from a New Kid, and I know when to stop asking for more and just be thankful for what I've been given!!! (Of course, if someone upstairs ever wants to align the stars and give me a chance to talk to Donnie, I'm not fighting, either... just sayin')

I'm still excited.... :D

Okay, geeky retard fangirl blog DONE.

Get ya mind right!!!


P.S. Started watching Max Payne... Mark is doing a great job, but... I don't know if even his acting can save this movie. I mean... NATASHA??? REALLY?? Thanks, writers... thanks so much. Grrr... Also thought I'd let you all know, I've decided to start hiding Easter Eggs in my blogs... there's one in the last blog, and I'm going to hide one in here, too. Easter eggs are basically hidden surprises, usually a picture, that is then linked to in the blog... but you have to find the link. :) Have fun!

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