FIFTY POSTS! OMG! (It's really not all that exciting...)

Don't you ever wish you were someone else,
You were meant to be the way you are exactly.
Don't you ever say you don't like the way you are.
When you learn to love yourself, you're better off by far.
And I hope you always stay the same,
cuz there's nothin' 'bout you I would change.

I think that you could be whatever you wanted to be
If you could realize, all the dreams you have inside.
Don't be afraid if you've got something to say,
Just open up your heart and let it show you the way.


Believe in yourself.
Reach down inside.
The love you find will set you free.
Believe in yourself, you will come alive.
Have faith in what you do.
You'll make it through.


It's my 50th post, and I wanted to do something epic.

However, today the only "epic" I seem to be able to conjure up is of the FAIL variety, so I'm sure I won't be able to write anything terribly moving or touching or overly amazing... blah blah blah.

I do, however, want to point out the above song to you. It's entitled "Stay the Same," and is sung by Joey McIntyre. No - I'm not just posting it because he recently blipped my radar by doing a number of Sinatra covers... though he does get major points for that. But the song is one I've had for a while, and I listen to it a lot when I'm depressed. I don't know who he's singing to, but it doesn't make the song touch me any less. I absolutely love it.

Joey gets his points for having amazing vocals, but he also gets props for recording the song. Now a days, all the songs you hear are about being skinny, being hot, being beautiful - being what the world wants you to be. I think it's refreshing to have a song out there that tells people to be themselves; that tells people not to change no matter what because they're fine the way they are. It's something people need to hear - I know I need to hear it a lot, cuz... yeah, there's a lot that could use some changing.

So, just to give everyone that little encouraging nudge... plus it's not like it's painful to listen to it, or watch it for that matter. :)

I also wanted to thank all of my readers... I know it's been hard to be faithful as of late. Troy pointed out that I blog a lot, and now that I've thought of it, I guess it is a bit much to ask that you all read a blog post a DAY. But I'm here posting my 50th because of all of you - your comments, your kind words, and everything. Thank you for your support!!!

I guess, also, since this IS the 50th post, and I've been promising you a Max Payne review, I should give it to you.

Max Payne was... HORRIBLE. I'm so sorry... I can't give you a detailed review. I cried through the last half of the movie, because it really was worse than Saw V. The writers took a perfectly usable story line and kick it in the face, then threw it in a furnace and watched it burn. WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE MONA'S SISTER'S NAME??? Way to kill one of the coolest hidden treasures... sheesh.

Mark did a good job but... wow... can we stop scowling, please?

Oh, hey disgruntled child... I like your scowl. I have a scowl like that in Max Payne, have you seen that movie?? Okay, say hi to your mother for me.

I have to say, the office shootout scene was fantastic, and I have nothing but respect for that part of the movie because I saw how it was made... none of it was computer ANYTHING, and I don't think any of it was green screen. Mark had no stunt double, it was all real save for the bullets. I wouldn't say the movie is worth waiting through for THAT scene, but it is a fantastic scene.

So - bottom line. If you have friends who like to make fun of movies, or like to stare at Mark Wahlberg, go ahead and check this out. If you don't have any friends like this, I suggest finding someone who DOES have friends like that, borrow the DVD, and skip to the office shoot out scene. If you're a fan of the game - DO NOT WATCH. You'll wallow in a pool of your own tears 15 minutes into the flick... it's absolutely terrible.

I do not recommend spending money on this movie if you don't have to.

If you know Kevin Shewey - he's a lying liar from Liarton, The Happening was NOT worse than Max Payne.

If you're Jolie McLane and happen to be googling yourself, I'm just putting your full name in here to screw around with your results... lol.

Merry Christmas, everyone! :)

Get ya minds right!


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