Think... Think.... Think... Think.... LIGHTBULB LIGHTBULB!

Tell me why you fight

Up in the open sky
I only hope you know
how hard it is letting go

And I will pray for you and me
that our love lives on endlessly
through all of time we will endure
we are earth and sea

Will you walk with me
Through valleys crossing rivers deep

then hand in hand
we will be
Oh Yeah Yeah

And I will pray for you and me
that our love lives on endlessly
through all of time we will endure
we are earth and sea

So remember if ever you're wanting to hide
don't you know what you're feeling, I'm feeling inside
Oh Yeah
Don't forget our dreams
It lives on endlessly

I will pray for you
and you will pray for me


So remember if ever you're wanting to hide
don't you know what you're feeling, I'm feeling inside

We are earth and sea

Endlessly, endlessly

It's Sean's birthday... happy birthday, Sean!! :D Let me explain this scene to you - I've moved my laptop out into the living room... Sean is playing Fire Emblem, Hank is being lazy, and I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to blog about. I find it entirely hilarious that, in order for my laptop to be plugged in, the Christmas lights need to be on... haha. How festive my laptop is. :)

*shakes head*

Back on topic. What to blog about... I found a song for you all to listen to! *points to youtube vid* What that means is, I put my new playlist on shuffle when I retired last night and that song played and it sang me to sleep and I absolutely love it. It's beautiful... at least I think so. So don't worry, there won't be a Joey Mac song of the day or anything... I just really really REALLY like this one - even more than LA Blue which is saying something. :)

But I still have nothing to blog about... I know what I want to post for New Year's eve.... and I know I should do something thanks driven, seeing as it's NaBloPoMo and everything but... really... I don't know what to do. (Aw, how sad, Ike's father just died... stupid Black Knight... there's always a Black Knight)

I've been trying to think of something to blog about, and my friend just gave me a topic... Stew.

I suppose I could try to blog about that... it is stew/soup season. But nothing comes to mind.... haha...

Well, I guess what I'll do is share some graphics! You see, I like to make playlists... I have a total of 4 themed playlists: Blue Eyes, Your Own Personal Jesus, Get Sweet on This, and Monsters. And whenever I make a new themed playlist, I'll make a graphic to go with it. The only one I can't lay claim to is MOPJ, becuase someone else made that playlist and graphic. Outside of that, I've designed my own... I'm still designing Monsters, but the others I'll share with you.

Your Own Personal Jesus: The Adam Monroe Playlist

Because Adam needs a playlist. His exit in Heroes was so NOT fair, and all of his fans miss him. You need something to remember him by, and the person who built this playlist did a fantastic job of capturing the escence of Adam. :)

Monsters: The Le Resistance Playlist

I have a story between some friends and I, and these are all songs that have inspired certain parts of the story.

Get Sweet On This: The Donnie Wahlberg Playlist

This is a playlist I built on a whim - I was listening to a lot of these songs and talking to a bunch of friends about everything New Kids... every time one of these songs came on, I was talking about Donnie, and for whatever reason, each one ended up reminding me of him. I added a couple a friend had pointed out to me, as well as some of my fav New Kids songs, and, well, wha-la. It's quite possibly my most FUN playlist - most of the songs are from way back when, and it's a pretty wide variety of music.

Blue Eyes: The Sinatra/McIntyre Playlist

Because there has only been one Blue Eyes since Frank. I'm a huge Sinatra fan, and recently uncovered some Sinatra covers McIntyre did. Frank was a legend, still IS, and I'll always love his music. McIntyre provides a new perspective on the Sinatra songs, with his own twist, as well has brings his own sound to the table with his other solo albums. each and every song makes me smile or want to dance or want to cry. It's a beautiful playlist!

I've filtered through playlists - built them, then deleted them. These are the only ones I didn't create with Genius, and that I felt deserved a graphic. :) Incredibally LAME blog post, I know, but music has been on my mind lately... especially since last night. :) If anyone wants to know the songs that each playlist has within it, let me know, and I'll drop you song lists. :)

Say hi to your mother for me!


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