Thanksgiving at Hever - Days 5 & 6


Sleep interrupted. Ugh. Riddled with random people, too. My first wake up was at 5 – I went to sleep finally at one, and awoke at 5. I t was raining, but no snow. Brian and grandpa were getting up because they had to start smoking the turkey. I tried to go back to sleep and woke up at 7, 8, and finally 10, with a brief fall asleep/wake up at 6:15ish because Hank decided he needed to be petted.
I got ready after a while and we had breakfast – and then we looked outside, and it was FINALLY snowing!!! Wahoo!!
As for Thanksgiving, there was a thread asking us what we were having. We’re having 2 turkeys – 1 smoked and 1 traditional, 1 kind of stuffing (we usually have 2 but my dad forgot our recipe), homemade rolls, 3 – 5 pies (Cherry, Pumpkin, Apple, Caramel Apple, and something else), some pink stuff that looks nasty but tastes awesome, Pasoli (a spicy type of stew/soup with pork and stuff in it), Green Bean Casserole (yuck!), and mashed potatoes.  We’re also having the most people over I’ve ever spent Thanksgiving with. There are going to be 17 of us in all – and we’re all related one way or the other… lol. 0_0 Keep you updated. 
We all piled into the front room and watched the football games… some were absolutely heart breaking (oh my Seahawks, what happened to you this year??? Can the 49ers have Matt Hasselbeck, please?), while others were predictable (GO TITANS! GET ME SOME POINTS! Haha), and we had a lot of fun watching it. Demi Lovato and Mario both sang the national anthem – I think Mario did a better job, and the Jonas Brothers were the half time for the Cowboys/Seahawks game… I think. *shakes head*
We also watched the parade, which we do every year… and I’m sorry, but what is up with the teeny boppers this year?? The Clique Girls?? And Varsity Fanclub?? Look… just because New Kids came back and all of us love them as if they had never left, doesn’t mean you can get 4 of your friends to join a band with you, call it a boy band, and be an instant hit. There are reasons we love New Kids, you know – and there were reasons why we loved N’Sync and Backstreet Boys. Just because they were boy bands didn’t mean they weren’t talented – there’s a lot more to this than one would think, I promise… And the Clique Girls – really?? When did we decide that it was great to have a trio of blondes all look the same, and then market them toward young girls and have them sing about how the only way you’re going to get anywhere is if you have looks??? Get Up and Go – out of my stereo cuz that’s BS and I’m not exactly thrilled about it. Music has seriously gone down hill… *sigh*
Dinner was a hectic feeding frenzy – the Pasoli was SO spicy I couldn’t eat it all, and I wouldn’t go near the Green Bean Casserole… for serious (wow, haven’t said THAT in a while), I’m not an extremely picky eater, and when it comes to veggies, I’ll eat just about anything. I even like Lima Beans!!!! But Greenbeans… no thank you. I try to eat them, I really do – every time they’re put in front of me I try but I can’t stand the taste and never finish them. But there’s just something about Green Bean Casserole… I can’t even look at it without feeling nauseous… other than that, everything was great. The smoked turkey was really good, and the stuffing was phenomenal as it was every year. I really hope we have bread because I am dying for a turkey/stuffing sandwich!!!
After dinner, it snowed some more – harder than it had earlier. It actually stuck to stuff, and noticeably… But I was extremely tired and actually retired to the bedroom at about 8 o’clock, with hopes that I could stay awake for at least an hour and not feel like an old person… lol. We ended up watching Mirrors and then crashing at like, midnight or one…


I woke up this morning and shuffled out of bed only to realize it was snowing harder and more than ever! Various things had a nice white coat on them… not feet or anything, but it’s still nice to look out and see snow everywhere!  It’s gonna make the roads slippery, though, we’ll probably end up driving in a ditch or something…. Lol. IF we go anywhere. Anyway, it’s like 10 and I haven’t had any breakfast yet, so I’m gonna go eat. I’ll keep you updated!! 

We went to town today – Gallop… we were chilling and talking after breakfast, and my mom said she wanted to go to Walmart. There were a couple of mumbles of agreement, then I piped up. “You want to brave Walmart on Black Friday?? Are you crazy?” Apparently, we were, because we went. It wasn’t that bad, to tell the truth – most of the shoppers were finished, and we had little to no resistance. I rode up with Brian and April and Steven, and we had a fun conversation on the way up, and tons of laughs on the way home. Walmart had a few deals worth picking up on – the most notable being their pies for a dollar each…. Pretty substantial pies, in all honesty. I bought one, but I’m presently not feeling well and haven’t been able to try it. 
The roads are insanely slick – as you can see from some of the pictures, the road leading to my grandpa’s house is a dirt one, and after substantial amounts of rain and snow, the dirt turns to mud, and the mud is slippery. We tried our best to stay out of the ditch – my grandpa’s truck went in but Brian did a good job of keeping his out… on the way home we had to play chicken with some cows who decided to chill on the road. XD Also, we stopped to get some tamales. Jake the Yakama man wasn’t there, so we bought them from a random van on the way home… lol. Sounds shady, I know. But they were good. Not extremely spicy – my tongue objected but I was able to get it down with the aid of a glass of milk.
For dinner we had Corn Beef Hash & Potatoes with flat bread… Grandma Betty made them, and made the flat bread from scratch… it was SO good but I think I ate too much because I’m not feeling very well. I’ll probably call it an early night. No vlog today, either. *sigh* Sorry.
Get ya mind right.

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