Thanksgiving at Hever - Days 3 & 4

There is no structure to my day. I get up and do as I please… but everything is rather unexpected and I have much less time to write than I previously thought I would. I’m now going to have to blog when I’m in bed, as I am now. My dad is reading from Joshua, and I still think it’s a rather depressing book (I’m not one to judge the Lord, but I think it’s a tad harsh to stone the WHOLE family for the Father’s sins).
Yesterday was a great day – relaxing to say the least. I got quite a bit of my reading done – I have less than 300 pages to read. Hank adores it out here – he’s been VERY well behaved. My family went into town yesterday, but we didn’t have enough room so I stayed behind… got some reading and blogging done, and then went outside. Hank had done a good ob of not running passed the gate, but I felt it would be beneficial to acquaint him with the area just in case he ever chased Foxy and couldn’t get back. SO – Foxy, Hank, and I went for a leash-less walk. Hank did a good job of listening and never went too far ahead without turning around and barreling back. He almost took my feet our from under me a couple of times! We went down the dirt road to the fence and back, and I ran with him most of the way. It was great watching him run around – he’s never had this much space before and he’s absolutely loving it.
Today (the 26th) was a lot more eventful and way more spontaneous. I went down to the Chapter House with my mom and Grandpa and played Bingo. It was some senior event thing and we had a blast, saw my grandma Leigha there (my mom’s aunt) and my grandpa Tony (my mom’s aunt’s husband, but not Leigha’s husband. There are a lot of relatives on my grandma’s side). We sat with Tony and played Bingo with him – he was funny. We all played until we ran out of money – I won one for my grandpa but other than that I just got real close. There was one game where all I needed was G 46, and someone called Bingo, and I SAID “dang! I just needed G 46!” and the Bingo caller went, “oh, that was the next one!” XD One of the Bingo prizes was a bottle of Big Red, that was my favorite soda in Texas and I about choked on my tongue with excitement. I all but begged my mom to let me go down to dzi’ de cloy (I spelled that wrong, I’m sure) so I could buy some. I’m gonna have to get some on the way home, too.
J We came back and I got a bit more reading done, and then company started to show up. First it was my Papa Nate and Grandma Betty (Nate is my grandma’s little brother). We talked with them a bit, then Auntie Jean stopped by – unexpected but awesome. Then Nate’s son Brian showed up with his wife April and their kids, followed by Brian’s brother Daniel and his family. I stole a quick moment outside – which I had done the night before – to chill with the dogs and get a break from all the people… and spend some time with the dogs. But, unlike last night, it was short lived and everyone else came outside as well. Not a big deal, really, I didn’t mind visiting with them, just got a tad claustrophobic. I played outside with the dogs before I went inside to read, and was informed that I was forbid to read while company was here L . But it was fine – I visited with everyone, and I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving.
In non-related other news – Damian Lewis. Wow. Can’t get him off my mind and I don’t know why. Probably because I’m pushing through Band of Brothers and absolutely love him in that, who knows. Anyway, I’m excited for tomorrow – no snow yet.

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