Banner 2.0, Guitar Hero World Tour, and Fantasy Football

The score is now 46-38 killerB... that means I need to score a minimum of 9 points between my two players to win.... I think I can do that! I'll keep you updated!!! Lemme hear it for Portis and Moss!! WOOOO!!!

So - last night I wasn't feeling good. Today, I feel even WORSE. Interesting how that happened... and SO quickly, too! And it SUCKS, cuz I was SO SUPER CUTE today. :( I even wore a skirt... but I'm dealing with it, I suppose. Just kind of chillin' and listening to music. I went to lunch with my family, but it's not sitting well, which sucks because Qdoba is actually really, really good. We don't have any Chipotle's around here, so we have to go to Qdoba but IMO the rice is better at Qdoba, and in every other aspect they're about the same. (This was my first time, though, so maybe in future visits that view will change) Steven pointed out when we were in line that, if the tortilla tears while they're making your burrito, they'll throw it away and get another one. That's kind of neat, because NOTHING is worse than a torn tortilla... except, maybe... death.

Anyone been to the New Kids on the Block website?? They have a thing called NKTV, which is such a cool idea, except for the fact that, all of a sudden, I can't watch it. I'm a little miffed, too, because this happened right around the incident with Jordan's ankle, and all my block heads are giving me a heads up because apparently today's is by Donnie. Would be nice to see it and see if he's feeling better (as of now, no update on that... not even the blog), but NO. My computer has to be LAME and not let me see it!! It won't even tell me why, either, just decides that it doesn't want to show it. If it's a plug in that I'm missing, it usually notifies me... but it also did this with the Watchmen movie site - decided it didn't like it and made it stop working. I was able to get around that by using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox - which may be the problem here... may not be my computer at all. I just haven't gotten around to testing out that theory. SO - if any of you CAN watch NKTV, let me know if you needed to install a plug in or something, or what browser you use... cuz I miss watching it.

The internet "drama" I've been dealing with has gotten increasingly more stupid, but I've been in a fairly good mood thanks to all my readers, ESPECIALLY ANA (This girl... I've been looking for a pic of the Wahlberg brothers for MONTHS, and she found me one!!! *runs around dancing* CUZ SHE ROCKS)!!! Keep sending stuff, you guys, I'm gonna throw it all into one big post soon... I may not post everything and just link to some of it - I have SO MANY New Kids pics it's not even funny! - or make a slide show for all the pictures. Got a few songs and videos today, so that's cool. Keep it comin, guys!

Moving on... one of the up points of getting my sick butt out of the house and going to Qdoba today was the fact that Qdoba was next to an EB Games... and Guitar Hero World Tour is out. I went over to get my brothers and ended up playing it - the PS3 version. The graphics on that are AWESOME, and the singers are less creepy... but they throw in some crazy note things in this one... for instance, they want you to learn how to strum while sustaining a not. I've yet to figure that trick out! They also offer an easier than easy level, Beginner, along with the other 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.

I play on Expert now - I'm exciting. I want a cookie. Can't have one, though. haha.

The song selection is kind of sad, but I don't know how much of that had to do with the fact that we were playing it in the store. Steven tried a few songs, losing only on one by Lenny Kravitz. I took up after him, starting on Expert (something unheard of a few months ago), and lost twice on "Eye of the Tiger," before finally beating it with a fairly embarrassing percentile... I won in the red, we'll just say that. The other two songs I played, I faired slightly better in... and by slightly, I mean WAY better. I beat Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" on Expert with a 96%, and Linkin Park's "What I've Done" on the same level with a 92% - first try. I'm way into Guitar Hero, and it looks like World Tour will be promising (this is the one with the mic, drums, and other guitar) once all the instruments are into play... but I must say, what they have to offer - outside of the Kravits song that I can't for the life of me remember the title of - in terms of Expert is pretty sad... it's not very fast, and as far as note combinations go, it's not that difficult. If I'm able to beat it on the first try, it's way too easy... or maybe I'm just getting accustomed to Expert. *shrugs* If I was able to own the game, or play it in a more natural setting, I could give a more accurate review. We did impress some other kids that were there, though... they said that what we were doing was "insane." :P Last time I had a comment similar to that, it was during DDR... I guess Guitar Hero is the DDR of today... what do you all think? The music is interesting, too... I'm sure there are more selections than what were there, but for the most part I hadn't heard of almost any of those songs.

And, speaking of songs that I've never heard of - Leon Jackson. Anyone know him?? I got his album yesterday - I was in search of new music, and home boy is CUTE. So, I got his new CD... and lemme tell you, he's more than a pretty face. I dunno if he's a new artist or not, but DANG, he can sing. Doesn't look like he sounds, either!!! His cover of "Right Now" is absolutely phenomenal... and other songs like "Don't Call This Love" and "Ordinary Days" are absolutely beautiful. I'm listening to the album right now for the second time - the first time, I listened to it as I tried to sleep last night... so now I'm giving it an honest listen to and I'm a fan. The album is called Right Now - check it out if you're in the mood for something new.

Also, check out the Canadian band Down Here - they're a christian group. My dad bought their CD last night and they're actually REALLY good. They don't really have a set style - they kind of do their own thing, but it's a real good listen. I deeply emplore you to check it out. Also - give mah boy Evan Milby a shout out!! Haha, I don't really know him, but he's been on the Revolve worship team for 2 years now, and he just released his first EP.... it's real good... and he's REAL cute! haha! But def check him out if you're got the time, and buy his EP!! :)

Alright - I realize I haven't given you all a real, honest to God Fantasy Football update, so - here goes!!

I'm the head of my league - Mojave Vista - and when I started, I didn't think I'd get ANY takers... I signed up WAY late. But, at the last second, right before my live draft, I got some takers and filled all 4 slots.

For a while, I'd been getting my butt kicked by the Flowery Branch Falcons (yeah, I know XD) and was constantly stuck in second place. It wasn't too big of a deal, because I'd never ranked higher than 3rd in a league... but it was kind of lame because my previous leagues had had like, 40 teams... better to be 3rd out of 40 instead of 2nd out of 4... haha.

But, recently, I made a few VERY wise trades, and ended up first in the league! I've held the title for a few weeks, and it looks like I'll have it next week, too. The league stands as such:


Twinkies at Large* 5-2 71.4% 576
Flowery Branch Falcons 4-3 57.1% 539
killerB 3-4 42.9% 469
Colts 2-5 28.6% 410

If you were wondering, Twinkies at Large is my team. The team I'm matched up against is killerB this week, and they're winning by one point... I had a REALLY GOOD week last week, scoring nearly 100 points... but this week is significantly worse, having 4 of my players score in the single digits. The way it stands now:

Jay Cutler .....................14
Brian Westbrook............9
Lee Evans.......................4
Brandon Marshall..........2
Tony Scheffler................0
Titans Def........................9

Santana Moss and Clinton Portis don't play till tomorrow - I'm hoping Portis will prove to be a beast and get me some MAJOR points... Moss as well. But that's still 2 people I have points coming from... worse case scenario, they both only score 2 points and I still break 40... but Portis and Moss are beasts, so if I'm really lucky, they'll be on top of their game, and I'll get double digits out of both of them. Only problem is, they're both injured. Portis' ankle should be able to play tomorrow, but he's going against the Pittsburgh defense, which is NOT a good thing, and Moss' hamstring may keep him out of the game. Zorn says him playing will be a game time decision... thanks for the heads up, dude, so I could change my line up. <_< href="">New England Patriots Defense, and Adam Vinatieri. Good news is, the two teams are playing eachother, so if one gets big points, the other is likely not to. Plus, Vinatieri is a kicker... not a LOT of points there... but at the same time, if the Pats defense is really strong, Vinatieri may end up getting more chances than he should. I'm vying with two injured players, I don't need them getting a huge lead on me... lol.

So, my match up is 39-38 killerB... I'll keep you updated about how many points I need tomorrow in order to win. :)

The even BETTER news is, the Flowery Branch Falcons have NO CHANCE to win their game - they're losing 43-85, with all their cards having already been played. FBF has already lost their game - and with only 43 points to bring to the table, I still hang onto my lead, by about 35 points. That means, I remain number one in the league for another week!

And next week looks promising. The Redskins have a BYE, meaning I'm losing Portis and Moss... which is good. They could both use the rest. I'll be replacing Portis with LaDainian Tomlinson, fresh off a BYE - and promising, to boot, as well as bringing in Bengal's TJ Houshmandzadeh for Moss. Also, Jay Cutler (who has NOT been stepping it up) is being replaced by Philip Rivers, fresh off a BYE. I'm hoping he'll really gimme something, because I had to dump JT O'Sullivan for him. (O'Sullivan was benched in favor of 3rd string QB Shaun Hill... not fun)

That's bout it - still send out those well wishes! :P

Get ya mind right.


No Heroes tomorrow night, and Tuesday is election day! GET OUT AND VOTE! GET AT THE POLLS!

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