Novels are like bread

No really, they are.

It is nearing the end of January now and I am still working on The 11th Hour... which is to be expected. My ETC was the end of January... problem is, I don't think I'm all that close to finishing.

And the main problem is, the story is getting stale. Not that the writing is getting bad or the idea is losing its luster, but just that I can't bring these characters to life like I could before.

It's really disheartening... but it's also giving me a kick in the pants to just finish the first draft. FINISH IT! Partly because I want to get this done, so I can edit it and move on towards getting it published, and also because I've had an idea for another story, and I would like to explore that.

But I'm also at a point in the story that is very difficult to write, and it's hard to push forward knowing that 90% of what you've written is going to get cut in the second draft. But I think it's almost done. I think I'm close to the end, and that's reassuring.

I'm not sure... I just don't think I was entirely prepared to push through the post-NaNo slump. It's definitely been a learning experience.

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