So this is how time passes for normal people...

It's interesting to see my kiddos growing up. I took this picture during quiet time one day. The kids were all watching a movie, and it's just amazing how big they all look.

Cam and Asher were just little stinkers when I first got them. Bria was still in a car seat and slept pretty much the whole time (that... Doesn't happen anymore. Lol). Ander wasn't even born yet, and Kara wasn't so much as talking. Now she's in preschool, Camden is more or less potty trained, Bria climbs on everything, Asher has a little attitude (not necessarily a bad thing) and Ander is eating actual food and taking steps.

The kicker is, it doesn't feel like I've worked with them long enough for them to have changed SO MUCH. It feels like it's only been a few months.

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