Once more, with GUSTO.

So, some of you may know that a while ago, I tried to lose a pretty substantial amount of weight. This became an attempt at a lifestyle change... and for a while, it was working.

Even now, I still pay attention to what I eat and try my best to keep on top of it... but life is crazy, and it's easy to find excuses not to do something.

Well, my friend Tiffany approached me Sunday about her goal to lose weight before her birthday. I suggested we try to do a sort of Biggest Loser competition, to keep each other motivated. We had tried it once before, but neither of us kept the other accountable... so now we're giving it another go. Except, this time, we're going to work at it.

Our plan is to get together at least 3 nights out of the week and work out together, that way if we don't do it the rest of the week, we'll at least be working out 3 every week. It'll be perfect, because we've also been trying to figure out times when we can get together outside of work and hang out. We watch the same shows and like the same music and all that stuff... so this is a good way for us to have a chance to talk and what not. Certain days we'll get together and work out, and then watch one of our shows. Other times we'll get together and work out with a DVD, and then play something like Just Dance, to get a bit of cardio in as well as just... play a video game (lol).

We don't go to the same gym, but we've also decided what we can do is set times to go to our respective gyms, then get together after our work out for a drink or something, to talk. This way, we'll be held accountable for going to the gym once or twice a week, as well.

Anyway, this is just an update to say I AM GOING TO TRY THIS AGAIN. Huzzah.

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