You never really realize they're listening

I used to sing this song to Camden when he was younger, during diaper changing time. He loved it, would always laugh and clap or whatever.

I was feeling a tad nostalgic, seeing as he's pretty much potty trained now, and figured hey... if it calmed Camden down during changing time, maybe it would calm Andersen down, too. So, I sang it to Andersen and it worked! But, the best part was, I got as far as "and he said to the man running the stand, HEY!" and Camden said "BUM BUM BUM, got any GRAPES?" I sang further "The man said:" and he said "Nope, just lemonade." It was so awesome.

Later I asked him what a duck says, and he said "quack quack!" But when I asked him what a duck says at a lemonade stand, he said "got any grapes?" XD It's so cool to see that kind of stuff stick with them! And it makes you realize just how much they pick up. Camden even asked me where my car was, because I had driven my mom's car that morning. The kid picks up on stuff.

Now if I could just get him to stop referring to the church as "Lauren's house"... lol.

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