They think they're sooo smart...

And nine times out of ten, they are. Children will almost always be able to outsmart me... but shh. Don't tell them that. It could be the end of me if they find out.

Last Wednesday, I had an interesting conversation with Bria. Because loose food attracts bugs, the kids are not allowed to eat anywhere but on the mat, and at the table. So, when Bria was running around with her chips, I told her she needed to put them away, or sit down at the table until she was finished with them. I then proceeded to tend to Andersen. After a bit, Bria walked up to me and presented me - quite proudly, actually - with an empty baggie.

"I'm done, I'm done!" she said. I told her that was great, that she needed to throw the baggie away and then she could go play. That was that.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. I got to work early and decided to clean out my purse and, lo and behold beneath the candy, and the receipts, and my wallet, and all the other stuff in my bag, there was a layer of tortilla chips.

Near the end of my attempted clean up, I figured
I should take a picture.
 That little stinker dumped her chips into MY PURSE, and I had no idea until Sunday morning when I cleaned it out. Ha ha, joke's on me. Guess I'll be keeping a closer eye on her when she's got chips from now on.

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