Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking...

It's always strange what things happen that remind you that time is going by. As a nanny, the biggest reminder that time is going by (a lot faster than we think) is the rate at which my kiddos are growing up.

I'm so used to seeing Camden have dinosaur shaped sandwiches for lunch. Today isn't the first day he had a "normal" sandwich, but it was the first day I really noticed it, and I think it's because he was so excited to eat it. Normally, he takes a while to eat his sandwich and wants to start with his chips or z-bar or fruitsnacks or anything that's not the sandwich, but today he really wanted his sandwich... and it looked bigger than him!!

It's really easy to miss that kids are growing up, but every once in a while it will punch you in the face with the smallest things. Compared to how Cam was when I started working with him, he looks sooo grown up. :(

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