Be careful what you wish for... and what you lecture on.

I've learned that often times, when you have a lot of kids around the same age together in the same place, they won't always get along. I don't know if it's a struggle for power or cabin fever or what... but it happens to everyone. I've found the best way to handle it is to sit the kids down and have a chat with them.

I had to do this with my kiddos today, namely the two older ones... but in the spirit of "fairness" (I figure they're young and thus I will hold off on telling them that fairness is about as real as the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus... lol) I gave the lecture to all the kids.

I sat them down and explained to them that they were friends, and that they needed to treat each other like friends. That meant playing nice, sharing, and ultimately working together. They all paid attention, and the message seemed to get through. Good on you, Self! You taught them a lesson!!!

I learned later that all I taught them was that, if they all "worked together" and ganged up on me, they could get my hat away from me and I wouldn't stand a chance. They were able to keep my hat away from me for most of the day, in fact... due to a group effort, of course.

Good on you, Self. You taught them a lesson. Maybe next time I can teach them one that doesn't backfire.

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