Meet the Characters of "The 11th Hour" Part 2: Shooter

Name: Astrid Miller/Emily Marianne ???????
Age: 20/22
Job: Executioner
Hair: Brown/Auburn
Eyes: Hazel
Place of Birth: Lower West Edge/Central South

Personality: Astrid is a snarky, talkative young woman with a confidence that borders on arrogance. She is good at taking orders, but not so good at carrying them out. Despite her profession, Astrid is fairly girly, and tends to be emotion-driven.

Biography: Emily Marianne was born 2 years before the first year of Nicolae in the central south. She knew nothing outside of poverty; knew there was another group of people that could have anything they wanted, but didn't care. She was raised to be grateful for what she had, and was more than happy to embrace it.

Emily developed a very close relationship with her father, an ex-CIA sniper who was forced into retirement when Nicolae took power and dissolved any and all organizations with initials. Unable to trust a man who felt he should have complete power, her father did his best to hide his hate from his daughter. Instead, he began to train her as soon as she was able to understand. She learned at an early age that her most dangerous weapon was the art of concealment.

She showed great promise in weaponry, mastering knives with savant like ease. Her weapon of choice, her father's old military grade, bolt action sniper rifle, was a little harder for her to get the hang of, and she proved next to useless over long distances. Relatively short distances, however, she hit nearly all of her targets.

Hand to hand combat was another story. A combination of genes, youth, and environmental conditions left Emily unable to keep up with the physical demands of her father's training, and Nicolae saw to it that she never received it.

When she was 16, her parents were arrested and executed for 'crimes against the nation' (she learned shortly thereafter that her father's only crime was being a threat to Nicolae). Her father's training allowed her to slip away and go into hiding, emerging 6 months later as Astrid Miller, a 14 year old orphan from the lower west edge with nothing to lose, and a hatred for Nicolae Cain.

She continued to train herself and entered that year's 11th Hour competition, with minimal success. Unable to find any other work, however, she trained harder and entered the following year. She was beaten to the target by mere minutes; the following year seconds, and 3 weeks after her 17th birthday, she was contacted by Karalynn Anders about joining a team she was constructing. Not confident in her skills on her own, Astrid agreed to join the group.

The people Kara had assembled proved to be a winning combination, and that year she executed the target in record speed. It was the first wave of many they would be making in the coming years.

When she was 18, Astrid and the team took a second title, as well as one of the largest intel pay outs in T11H history, and earning themselves a minor endorsement from a company on the Blessed side of town. Their 3rd consecutive execution garnered them a larger pay out, more endorsements, and a shot at the coveted Grand Prize: A chance to move out of poverty. They had enough money, all they needed was a blessing from Nicolae himself.

However, moving out of poverty meant no more competitions. Once they were Blessed, that was it. And Astrid had yet to seek revenge for what had happened to Emily and her family. If she was going to strike, she had to do it now... the problem was, how?

Skills: Astrid is extremely talented when it comes to concealing herself and the weapons she uses. She operates like an assassin, her speed and agility allowing her to get into a crowd, make her kill, and get out without being seen... if she so desires.

Flaws: She has not been properly trained in hand to hand combat and, if ever engaged, she would most likely lose. Likewise, she is unable to sit still/keep quiet for long periods of time, and thus often struggles with keeping herself concealed until she is given the OK.

Based On: Odette Yustman

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